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Posted by Edward Munn on December 22, 2017

Facebook signs deal with Universal Music Group – is a streaming service on the way?

Eric Schmidt
Posted by Victoria Woollaston on December 22, 2017

Eric Schmidt steps down as Google chairman

Posted by Alex Lee on December 21, 2017

Boeing unveils unmanned ‘stingray’ drone that refuels military jets in mid-air

Posted by Edward Munn on December 20, 2017

You’ll soon be able to switch mobile contracts by text – and they’re likely to be much cheaper

Uber app
Posted by Victoria Woollaston on December 20, 2017

Uber is a taxi firm and NOT a digital service, rules European Court of Justice

Posted by Bill Buchanan on December 20, 2017

Is your computer secretly mining Bitcoin alternatives? A beginner’s guide to ‘cryptojacking’

Posted by Alan Martin on December 19, 2017

Adidas throws in the towel on wearables

Amazon app and phone
Posted by Dale Walker on December 19, 2017

Amazon faces £8.8 million fine for allegedly “abusing its dominant position”

Posted by Emma Sims on December 15, 2017

US woman accused of wiring laundered Bitcoin to ISIS

Steam ditches bitcoin
Posted by Tim Danton on December 15, 2017

Quick poll: Is Bitcoin the future of finance or a dangerous blip?