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The US army has its sights set on all-electric tanks

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Putting out a Tesla Model S fire is pretty hard

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What is the London T-Charge? How to check if your car passes the Euro 4 emissions test

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An AI has been taught to make moral decisions like humans

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GT Sport review: Gran Turismo Sport’s 1.11 patch brings even more new content for

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Audi A8 (2018) review: Hands-on with the most tech-laden car Audi has ever made

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Mazda is bringing back the rotary engine – but not as we know it

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Lexus LC500 review: GT car refinement fused with a thundering V8

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Getting more self-driving cars on the road could spell the end of potholes

Tesla owners of the Model S and Model X will get a Spotify Premium account for free
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Tesla to recall 11,000 Model X SUVs