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Nick Clegg
Posted by Thomas McMullan on October 19, 2018

Facebook has hired Nick Clegg to lead its global affairs

Posted by Tom Bedford on October 16, 2018

Facebook now lets you see who’s funding the political ads on your feed

Posted by Claire Tourigny on October 12, 2018

Why Facebook removed over 800 political accounts

Posted by Tom Bedford on September 26, 2018

Twitter expands its definition of “dehumanising language”

Posted by Emma Sims on September 21, 2018

Facebook to stop sending employees to assist with political campaigns

Posted by Emma Sims on September 20, 2018

EU targets Amazon in new antitrust investigations

Posted by Emma Sims on September 17, 2018

377,000 people’s data used to predict child abuse

Posted by Keumars Afifi-Sabet on September 3, 2018

UK government threatens mandatory backdoors into encrypted systems

Posted by Vaughn Highfield on August 29, 2018

Donald Trump’s latest attack on Google is full of lies

Posted by Emma Sims on August 2, 2018

Twitter just permanently banned Alex Jones’ account