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Posted by Edward Munn on February 6, 2018

The UK built more offshore wind farms than any other European country

Posted by Edward Munn on February 5, 2018

Tesla is helping to construct a 250MW virtual power station in South Australia

Posted by Alan Martin on February 1, 2018

The UK still has some way to go to hit its 2020 renewable energy target

Posted by Edward Munn on January 30, 2018

Mercedes aims to build a “global battery network” for its new electric cars

Posted by Alan Martin on January 29, 2018

Our changing lifestyle seems to be saving a lot of energy

Nissan Energy Solar
Posted by Hugo Griffiths on January 22, 2018

Nissan’s Energy Solar to start selling solar panels and home batteries in the UK

Posted by Jonathan Bray on January 18, 2018

Nissan Leaf 2018 review: UK’s most popular EV gets better

Posted by Vaughn Highfield on January 16, 2018

China opens the world’s largest air purifier in a battle against smog

Posted by Vaughn Highfield on January 15, 2018

Chernobyl goes green as solar plant nears completion

Posted by Alex Reis on December 21, 2017

Artificial photosynthesis: The two-in-one technology that could save the planet