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Posted by Alan Martin on January 26, 2018

This jawbone fossil proves humans left Africa a lot earlier than we thought

Posted by Alex Lee on January 25, 2018

The Trump administration might be about to pull NASA funding for the ISS

Posted by Vaughn Highfield on January 25, 2018

We’ve just discovered a new virus and it’s been living in our oceans for years

Posted by Alan Martin on January 25, 2018

These are the first monkeys cloned using the “Dolly the sheep” method

Posted by Alex Lee on January 24, 2018

Scientists believe a concoction of gases could hold the key to finding life beyond our solar system

Posted by Thomas McMullan on January 24, 2018

Music really is a universal language, study suggests

Posted by Thomas McMullan on January 24, 2018

As if Pluto-gate hadn’t caused enough problems, astronomers want to reclassify planets again

Posted by Alan Martin on January 23, 2018

Female cats are more likely to be right-handed, male cats are usually southpaws, study finds

Super blue blood moon uk 2018
Posted by Victoria Woollaston on January 23, 2018

Super blue blood moon: How to watch and stream the January blue moon and lunar eclipse in the UK

Nissan Energy Solar
Posted by Hugo Griffiths on January 22, 2018

Nissan’s Energy Solar to start selling solar panels and home batteries in the UK