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Posted by Emma Sims on August 22, 2017

In a dystopian turn of events, this self-healing robot regenerates after being stabbed

Posted by Emma Sims on August 22, 2017

Social media companies could soon foot bill for policing internet hate in the UK

Posted by admin on August 22, 2017

Google Home Mini: The new Amazon Echo Dot rival will be announced today

Posted by Stuart Andrews on August 21, 2017

How new technology and great ideas can transform your business

Posted by Alan Martin on August 21, 2017

Religious people are more positive, while atheists are “angry” — according to Facebook statuses at least

Posted by Adam Shepherd on August 21, 2017

Microsoft’s AI can now recognise speech as well as a human

Posted by Emma Sims on August 21, 2017

Hate speech online may soon carry the same penalties as real-world hate crimes

Posted by Thomas McMullan on August 21, 2017

Replacement screens could be used to hijack your phone, study claims

Posted by Alan Martin on August 21, 2017

Elon Musk and 115 robotics experts pen letter to the UN “raising the alarm” on killer robots

Posted by Alan Martin on August 18, 2017

Asus Zenfone AR review: It costs HOW much?