Watch your waistline with the Samsung WELT smartbelt

Just when you thought technology firms were running out of places to stick sensors without applying for a medical licence, Samsung has gone and surprised us with WELT: a smartbelt that’s designed to track your general health via the waist.

Watch your waistline with the Samsung WELT smartbelt

It looks just like a regular belt, which is a good thing (although you may be a bit overdressed for the gym), but the buckle contains a whole bunch of sensors and a micro-USB port for charging things up.

As well as tracking your waist size and steps, the belt will also warn you if you seem to be overeating, as your stomach expands and applies pressure to the buckle. Hopefully you’ll be able to change the notification sound into something suitably embarrassing to ensure its warnings are effective.samsung_ces_booth

There’s no price, because this isn’t a commercial product… yet. It comes straight from Samsung’s Creative Lab: a playground for Samsung employees to come up with wacky ideas to see what takes.

That name though: WELT. Sure, it stands for “Wellness Belt”, but maybe naming a product after a skin lesion isn’t a great move. Of course, this is the company that brought us a phone called “The Mega” so maybe I shouldn’t be too shocked.

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Image: Maurizio Pesce, used under Creative Commons

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