Can You Change the Background on a PS5? Unfortunately Not

The PS4 offered many customization opportunities, ranging from beautiful themes to custom background images. However, its successor, the PS5, seems to have fallen far behind in this regard. We’re not going to sugarcoat it, as it’s impossible to change the background the same way you can on the PS4.

Can You Change the Background on a PS5? Unfortunately Not

Nevertheless, you can still change the background using the games you have. The PS5 uses a different design philosophy, and you’ll learn what it is. Read on for all the details.

Why Can’t the Bacgkround Be Changed?

The PS4 allowed users to select themes or use custom images as their backgrounds. Themes would modify more than the background but resulted in a consistent PS4 menu style. Custom images helped mark this console as your own.

However, the PS5 doesn’t have any of these options, at least not during writing time. Since the PlayStation 5’s launch, users have complained about the lack of personalization opportunities.

There are no custom backgrounds or themes to choose from. You only have a dynamic wallpaper that changes according to the game you’re highlighting with the cursor. The background will switch to an image from said title, with Apex Legends or Ghost of Tsushima as two examples.

Apex Legends will show imagery of the game’s Legends, while Ghost of Tsushima will have samurai and swords.

You change the background by moving from game to game on your home screen. It’s that simple. However, you’ll be surprised to note that there’s no way to turn this off.

Depending on the game, the PS5 will also play a sample of the game’s soundtrack. Unlike the dynamic wallpaper, it’s possible to switch off the soundtrack as you navigate through your games collection.

Can the Background Music be Changed? No, but Turned Off, Yes

The ethereal and peaceful PS5 background music is an excellent menu theme, and many enjoy listening to it. Unfortunately, the only way to change the background music is to highlight a game. The background theme will stop, and something from the game will play instead.

You can still disable the background music if you like.

  1. Boot up your PS5.
  2. Select the gear icon.
  3. Look for the Sound tab.
  4. Choose “Audio Output.”
  5. Scroll down and navigate to “General.”
  6. Find “Home Screen Music” and toggle the option off.

After doing this, you’ll notice that hovering over games won’t activate any soundtracks. Therefore, your PS5 won’t play anything except for sound effects. These can also be disabled using the same process. The option is under “Home Screen Music.”

Additional FAQs

Can you add themes to the PS5?

No, you can’t do that the same way you could on PS4. The PS5 currently has no themes other than the default factory-installed one. Unless Sony adds theme support, you’re stuck with the standard appearance.

Standard Issue Backgrounds

Even two years since its release, the PS5 still doesn’t have support for themes and custom backgrounds. Users are unhappy about this, though it’s also fair to note that this feature sometimes arrives later for consoles. Nevertheless, you can’t do much to modify the PS5’s menu appearance.

What are your opinions on the PS5’s dynamic background? What would you like to see Sony introduce to counteract the lack of customization? Let us know your views in the comment section below.

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