Marco Polo: How To Change Your Filter

Since it started gaining traction in 2016, Marco Polo has been one of the most popular and fastest growing social apps worldwide. This app combines all of the best features of Snapchat and FaceTime to bring you live video messaging complete with fun filters and other cool ways to enhance your image.

Marco Polo: How To Change Your Filter

If you’ve been wondering how to get the most out of your Marco Polo app, then look no further. We’ll show you how to access filters and video editing features that will definitely enliven your next conversation.

Adding Filters

Finding image filters is easy. Just open a Marco Polo conversation and swipe left or right on your image to change the filters. You can choose from the following:

  • Natural – This is your baseline. Sometimes simple is better.
  • Pop Art – Named for the bright colors and clear-cut lines we’ve come to love with comic books, this filter seeks to give us a little pop. Although it falls short of emulating Andy Warhol, it does white wash your face in a way that means you won’t need makeup.

  • America – Feeling patriotic? The America filter is this writer’s favorite. It captures the chunked colors and pseudo-pointillism you might expect from the Pop Art filter, only with a red, white, and blue theme.

  • Night Vision – Try this filter in the light and you’re not likely to see much. But go out at night (or find a closet somewhere) and you’ll see yourself just fine. It’s no fancy infrared, but it will get the job done.

  • Sketch – This filter makes you look like you’re being sketched – plain and simple. It does it pretty well too, and it’s a somewhat cool effect when seen in motion.

  • Toon – Look like a cartoon, of course. At least that’s the idea, but in reality you just look really glossy and kind of blurry.

  • Movie Star – This black and white filter includes a faded black boarder to give you that “I’m ready for my closeup” vibe.

Choose a filter before you start, or change filters as you’re chatting to keep things interesting.

Editing Options

Filters aren’t your only option for spicing up your video chat. You can also add text and drawings to your image, before or during videos.



To add text to your images, tap on the T icon on your video screen. Then use the keyboard to write what you want to say. You can also tap on a color to the right to change the color of the text. When you’re finished, tap the T again. The keyboard will disappear, but the text will remain. In order to get rid of the text, you’ll need to go back into the keyboard and manually delete the message.


To draw on your image, tap the pencil icon on your video screen. Then use your finger to draw whatever you want. Tap on the color options to the right to change the color that you’re using. Tap on the pencil icon again to erase everything you’ve drawn.

Voice Filter Options

Your face isn’t the only thing you can filter in this app. Try one of the three voice filter options to make your friends laugh.

To change your voice filter options, tap on the voice filter icon. For Android users, this is a magic want. For iPhone users, it’s a unicorn. These icons represent “normal” voice settings. When you tap on them, you’ll see other icons pop up. When this happens, the voice filter icon in the menu will be replaced with whatever option you most recently chose.

  • Helium – Sound like a chipmunk.
  • Macho – Sound like a tough guy.
  • Robot – Sound like a robot.

Make sure to select your voice change before you start the video. Of course, you won’t hear your voice change while you’re making the video, but your friends will certainly hear it on their end.

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