How to Change Language on Netflix on iPad

Netflix has 150 million regular subscribers and a global presence. It is one of the most popular streaming services out there, and streaming is very trendy nowadays. Portable touchscreen devices are fashionable, as well, and the iPad is one of the most widely-used tablets on the market.

How to Change Language on Netflix on iPad

Many people watch Netflix on iPads and other tablets. Some even stream their favorite content on their phones. Due to its global reputation, Netflix offers many language options, and knowing how to adjust them is vital if you want a top-notch user experience. Here’s how to change the language, subtitles, and audio dubs on Netflix on your iPad.

The Language

By “the language,” we mean the menu language, of course. Changing the menu language on your iPad won’t influence the spoken language in the content that you’re viewing or the subtitles. However, you might have changed it by accident. You’ll want to switch back to the language you’re familiar with.

The thing with the global language setting on Netflix is that it isn’t device-specific. In other words, it is locked to the profile that you’re using. Change the language on that profile, and it will apply to all the devices connected to it.

You can change this global setting via a browser. It is accessible from any tablet, mobile, or desktop device. Launch the browser and go to the Netflix homepage. Sign in to your account, and then click or tap on the profile that you want to change the language on. Then, click or tap the downward-pointing arrow, located in the upper-right corner.

Next, select Account from the drop-down menu, followed by Language. Alternatively, instead of navigating here manually, go to You might not understand a single word of the currently selected language. In that case, finding the Language Preferences menu on your own can turn out quite a nightmare.

Then, select the global language that you want to use on the profile in question and click or tap Save.

Go to your iPad, restart the Netflix app, and see if the changes were applied. If they haven’t, log out from the account and sign back in. That should do it.

change language on netflix on ipad

Subtitles and Dubs

Most (if not all) video content on Netflix has at least some audio and subtitle options. Unlike the global language setting, these options are specific to the device that you’re currently using. You’ll have to set them for each piece of content that you’re watching, separately.

Now, be warned, as you might be disappointed here. You might not be able to find your desired dub or subtitle. That’s because there are so many languages out there. Not all movies and shows have provided subtitles or alternative language audio files. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with Netflix. The streaming service doesn’t make subtitles and dubs.

The subtitle and dub availability also differs from country to country. For instance, you may be able to find Italian subtitles for a German movie in Italy, but you might not find it in the US. That’s because, although every country’s Netflix provider is under the Netflix umbrella, they aren’t identical. For example, some content that’s available in the States isn’t available in France.

how to change language on netflix

In either case, selecting subtitles and dubs on your iPad is easy. Start the movie and let it buffer enough so that it starts playing. Then, tap the screen, and select the dialog box next to the full-screen option, in the bottom-right corner. Here, you’ll see two lists, Audio and Subtitles. Select your desired language options and enjoy the show.

Languages, Netflix, iPad

Netflix’s global language settings apply to every device that accesses the profile in question. These settings are device-independent. However, the subtitles and alternative audio options are device-specific, to an extent.

Either way, it’s all based on a similar principle. You’ll probably be able to find proper audio dub and subtitles in your language, but there are no guarantees.

Have you managed to change the language options on your iPad? Did you encounter any difficulties? Feel free to hit the comment section below and tell your story. Don’t refrain from asking any questions, either.

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