How To Change Wallpaper on the HTC U11

One great way to personalize your smartphone from the pack is changing your background picture. You can change your wallpaper in a variety of ways and use different sources.

How To Change Wallpaper on the HTC U11

Check out these quick tips to individualize your HTC U11 smartphone. Change your phone as often as your mood using one of these methods below.

Change Your Wallpaper – Home Screen

You have a couple of options if you want to change your Home screen wallpaper. You can choose one wallpaper to have all the time. Or you can have it change automatically throughout the day.

Automatic Change

If you like to see different backgrounds every time you look at your Home screen, this may be a good option for you.

Step One – Go into Wallpaper Settings

First, you need to access your wallpaper settings. To do this, go to your Home screen. Next, press and hold on an empty space anywhere on this screen.

When your menu options pop up, tap “Theme” and then “Edit current theme”. Scroll down by tapping on the down arrow and select “Time-based” when the option comes up.

Step Two – Choose Your Wallpaper for Daytime

When you see a two-page collection of thumbnails, tap “Change wallpaper”. It’s under the Day thumbnail. This will enable you to choose which wallpaper you want cycled throughout the day.

You can select from preloaded wallpapers or you may choose from your own photos.

Step Three – Choose Your Wallpaper for Night Time

You may also want to specify a different set of wallpapers to use when you leave the office. To do this, tap on “Change wallpaper” again, but this time use the Night thumbnail.

Again, select the wallpapers you want to choose. These ones will be the background for your Home screen during the night.


If you prefer that your Home screen wallpaper remain static throughout the day, assigning a background is easy. Take a look at these quick steps to personalize your phone.

Step One – Access Your Menu

First, swipe up to access your Settings menu. From the menu, select “Personalize”.

You can only change your wallpaper while you are in Classic Home screen layout. So, if you are using an alternative layout you may not be able to use this option.

Step Two – Select and Set Wallpaper

After “Personalize”, tap the “Change wallpaper” option. It will prompt you to select the location you want to pull your image from.

Choose from your existing photos, or go into your preloaded wallpaper gallery to select an image. Once you’ve picked your background, tap “Apply” or “Set wallpaper.”

You may have the option of applying this wallpaper to your lock screen, too. You can apply your wallpaper to both, or select a separate image for your lock screen.

Final Thoughts

You can use different images as your wallpaper. If you prefer beautiful landscape shots, you can take your own or look into 3rd party wallpaper apps.

Additionally, you may want to use your own photos as wallpaper. If you do want to use your photos, make sure you’ve edited it the way you want to display it prior to setting your wallpaper.

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