How To Change Wallpaper on Your iPhone 6S

Out of all the screens we look at on our iPhone device, the one we likely see the most is the lock screen. This is the first screen you see when you power your phone up in the morning or when you pick it up to check something.  In addition to keeping you informed with news, notifications and other things, the lock screen is there to keep people out o your device and keep your information, apps and data protected. The lock screen can even give you quicker access to things like the Camera and more.

How To Change Wallpaper on Your iPhone 6S

With most people spending so much time looking at and interacting with their lock screen, it makes sense to want to customize that screen exactly how you want it. You can change what kinds and types of notifications you get, can change the lock screen shortcuts, widgets and more.

While there are a few things you can do in order to change and/or customize your lock screen as mentioned in the last paragraph, this article will be mainly about how to change the picture/background of your app screen. People can get bored of looking at the same old photo/background on their lock screen day in and day out, and so it might be time for a change. Thankfully, the process to change the background of your lock screen is incredibly simple and can be done in mere seconds once you know where to look and what to do.

So without any further ado, let’s look at the steps you can take to change the lock screen on your iPhone 6S or other Apple iPhone device.

How to Change the Lock Screen on the iPhone 6S

Step 1: The first thing to do is head over to the Settings app on your device and click it.

Step 2: Tap on Wallpaper and then Choose New Wallpaper.

Step 3: From there, you want to figure out where you want your new wallpaper to come from. There are a few different choices. Dynamic responds to the movement of your device, Still’s are just Apple’s gallery of images, Live are images that will animate when 3D Touched. Of course, you can also go with images that you have saved in a library.

Step 4: Once you find the image you want to use, you can tap it. You will then be able to move and scale it to your desired size and position.

Step 5: Once that is done, you can hit Set and it will set the background. You can also decide if you want to use the same image on your home screen or can, of course, choose a different one! These steps can be done as many times as you want and once you get the hang of it, changing your lock screen background should take no more than a few seconds.

If you have followed these steps accurately, you should now have a brand new lock screen. You can use these same steps to change your home screen as well!



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