How To Change Your Wallpaper on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If you care about stunning image quality, the Galaxy Note 8 is a great phone to have. It comes with a near bezel-less Infinity Display at a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels. It’s a great phone for visual artists, as well as anyone who enjoys watching videos or creating videos on a 162.5 x 74.8mm screen.

How To Change Your Wallpaper on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

You can personalize this phone to fit your taste and style. Choosing home screen and lock screen wallpapers is part of the fun. Given the display quality, it’s a good idea to go for HD or Quad HD+ wallpapers.

But how do you change the wallpaper? Here’s a description of the process, starting from the home screen.

  1. Touch and Hold an Empty Spot on Your Home Screen

This will give you a selection of personalization options.

  1. Select “Set wallpaper”

You can choose between three options:

  • Home screen
  • Lock screen
  • Home and lock screen

Your home screen and your lock screen can display different images. Select one of your three options.

  1. Choose Between Your Gallery, Live Wallpapers, and Wallpapers

Now it’s time to select your wallpaper. There are three folders to choose from.


Here, you can browse your photos, drawings, and downloaded images. Simply select an album and then choose the image that you want to use for your wallpaper.

When you decide on an image, you have to select a part of and match the proportions of your screen. There is a blue rectangle tool that you can use to make your selection.

You can also choose a video from your gallery. However, it can’t be longer than 15 seconds, so you may have to trim your video first.

Keep in mind that video wallpapers drain your battery faster than image wallpapers.


The stock wallpaper gallery that comes with the Galaxy Note 8 is extensive and the image quality is quite impressive. Swipe horizontally to scroll through the available images. Downloading free image wallpapers is an option as well.

Live Wallpapers

Applying live wallpapers is just as easy. Simply scroll through your options and decide on a live wallpaper that fits your style. If the stock options aren’t good enough for you, you can always download a wallpaper app for more options.

If you decide to go with a live wallpaper, you will notice a drain on your battery.

  1. Tap on the Best Wallpaper for You

When you find the best image for your phone, tap on Set Wallpaper.

A Note on Video Wallpapers

When the Galaxy Note 8 was first released, there was no option for using video wallpapers for the lock screen. But after the release of the Galaxy S9, Samsung decided to improve user experience for slightly older models, including the Note 8.

Hence, the June security patch contained an upgrade. Now, it’s possible to apply videos to your lock screen as well as your home screen. You can also download wallpaper videos in the Samsung Themes store.

A Final Word

The Note 8 gives you many different means of self-expression. If you have a passion for digital art, you can always add your own artwork to the Gallery and use it as your wallpaper.

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