How To Clear the Cache on an Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire Stick is an incredibly useful device that allows you to enjoy almost any streaming service, from Netflix and Hulu to live services like Sling or DirecTV Now. You also enjoy Amazon’s streaming service and movie store, as well as hundreds of apps and games.

How To Clear the Cache on an Amazon Fire Stick

You’ve probably noticed that your Fire Stick gets slower the more you use it. If you’ve been the proud owner of a Fire Stick for years now, you might want to clear the cache on your device to speed it up, especially if you use Kodi. This article explains what cache is, how it gets used, and how to clear it on your Fire Stick.

What is Cache Memory?

Cache memory is the dedicated space where a device stores all sorts of functions and data that are repeatedly used in an application. This type of storage allows apps to start-up faster and function more efficiently. For example, if you visited a website in Google Chrome, the browser will store frequently used information so that loading it is faster each time. The cache is similar to traditional, main memory, but it’s designed for lighter, more rapid processes.

As you can imagine, applications store assorted data that will eventually slow down your device. It’s a little ironic, considering the purpose of the cache memory is to keep things moving efficiently. This scenario is why it’s essential to maintain the cache for different software. Some apps use way more cache than others, so check the ones you use most frequently first. The more data an app processes, the more likely it is to have high cache memory.

Clearing Your Kodi Cache through Settings

If you’re having issues with a specific app, here’s the good news: clearing cache on the Fire Stick is really easy.

  1. Head to the main menu of your Fire Stick. Once there, go to “Settings” and then “Manage All Installed Applications.”
  2. Pick an application to see information like file size, data storage, and cache size.
  3. Go down to “Clear cache” to delete all of the temporary files.

A short time will pass as it erases the cache, though the exact time will vary depending on how large the app’s cache is. Rinse and repeat through as many apps as you’d like.

Kodi on Fire Stick is Big on Cache

Kodi is an application just like any other one, but it’s likely to have much more of a cache built up than other apps. Users find a way to install Kodi on Fire TV Stick because they love the well-known app. If you’re one of those people, your cache is likely much more of an issue than it is for a traditional Firestick user. So, follow the same process as above, but be sure to choose Kodi first. If your device is moving slowly and you have Kodi installed, chances are it is the biggest issue.

Regardless, it’s smart to clear your cache often to keep your device in check, whether you use Kodi or not.

Unofficial Apps on Fire TV Sticks Consume Significant Cache

Fire Sticks often slow down the most when you’ve installed unofficial apps like Kodi. So, if you’re running a Fire Stick that you’ve tricked out with all sorts of apps and other add-ons, it’s essential to delete the app cache regularly. Unfortunately, there is no mass-delete option. You have to clear the cache for Fire Stick apps individually.

NOTE: When clearing cache in any app, be sure not to hit “Clear data.”
Using the “Clear Data” option deletes the entire app, from customizations and preferences to cached data and saved data. The process restores the app to factory defaults. Now, assuming you haven’t accidentally deleted everything, your device should run much faster, and you’ll have more space for downloading other apps.

Your Fire Stick will run apps faster, but you’ll also save a ton of space for downloading more apps you like. Just don’t forget; never hit “Clear data” by accident!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I clear an app’s cache on Fire Stick?

If you’ve followed the steps above you shouldn’t notice any changes in the app’s behavior other than your Fire Stick is performing better. Since the cache stores only unnecessary files and data your login information, watch history, and in-app settings should all remain intact.

I cleared the cache but my Fire Stick is still running slow. What else can I do?

Clearing the cache is a basic and non-invasive way to fix most technical problems. But, if your Fire Stick or the app is still running poorly you may need to try something else. For example, make sure that the app and your Fire Stick are all up-to-date. Developers release new updates to fix bugs and make your software more secure. A severely outdated Fire Stick or app can have major issues.

Another thing to consider is deleting unnecessary apps or content on your Fire Stick. The more content you have downloaded the harder it is for your device to perform properly. Try to uninstall some apps you no longer use.

Lastly, you can try to perform a factory reset on your Fire Stick. Depending on the software malfunction causing your woes this should fix it. Just keep in mind that doing so means you’re deleting everything off of your Fire Stick and starting over brand new.

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