Toshiba MK2035GSS review

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Notebook hard disk designers are squeezing ever more impressive amounts of capacity into the tiny dimensions of 2.5in drives. Toshiba’s MK2035GSS has 200GB spread across just two platters, which means it packs in a spectacular 178.8Gb/in2. It also has an 8MB buffer, although it’s theoretically let down by a lowly 4,200rpm spin speed. But our tests showed that the drive is actually very quick. It managed a sustained transfer rate of 33.6MB/sec in our technical tests, borne out by our real-world file-transfer test – a 100MB file read at 37MB/sec. If you’re looking to upgrade your laptop with the largest-capacity hard disk around, this is currently it.

Toshiba MK2035GSS review

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