Nvidia GeForce 6600 LE review

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It’s no secret that the manufacture of graphics cards isn’t as precise as ATi or Nvidia would like, and many GPUs from a silicon wafer have flaws in a pipeline or two. Rather than bin them, the affected quad of pipelines is turned off and the cards are released as lesser variants such as GTO or, in this case, LE.

Nvidia GeForce 6600 LE review

This makes this Albatron essentially a GeForce 6600 with four pipelines rather than the usual eight, although with a slightly faster 325MHz core clock. The plain 6600 isn’t exactly a performer, so the LE is predictably slow; in fact, it’s the slowest card in the whole group at our 1,024 x 768 test settings. With 13fps in both Call of Duty 2 and Far Cry, this card simply can’t cope with recent games at 1,024 x 768.

Even Albatron’s bundle is uninspired: there are no applications or games and only a TV-out-to-composite adapter in the box. The card sports a single-link DVI interface plus D-SUB and S-Video if you buy a cable separately.

The 6600 LE may cost only £47, but it offers very little for that money. You can buy MSI’s plain 6600 for just £9 more, or look to the X1300 from Connect3D for just £45, both of which offer a bit more power and a few utilities.

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