Apple iPod review

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Hard disk MP3 players used to be the only option for carrying around more than a few albums worth of music in your pocket. But with 4GB and 8GB flash players now common, they’ve had to up the ante.

Apple iPod review

Video is the name of the game with the high-capacity devices these days. Capacities range from the modest (30GB) to the extremely generous (160GB), so there’s lots of space available for everything from your favourite TV programmes to film and home movies – and you aren’t just restricted to video. These players will also play music files, display photos, and some can even record TV and stream media over Wi-Fi.

If you can put up with the limited file support and the iTunes tie-in, Apple’s new and slightly tweaked iPod classic is the sleekest, most pocketable machine and the easiest to use here. True, the screen is much smaller than the other players’, but it’s fine for watching the occasional TV programme and film. What’s most impressive is what you get for your money: 80GB is just £135 and the 160GB goes for £194, which is much better value. You can read our in-depth review on the website (web ID: 128828).

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