How to Create a USB Installer for OS X Mavericks

With the final build of OS X Mavericks, Apple has changed the way users can create a custom USB installer; the previous method no longer works. Here’s how to create an OS X Mavericks USB Installer.
First, download the full version of Mavericks from the Mac App Store, even if you already have it installed on your Mac. Downloading it again will place the install app in your Applications folder. It will also auto-launch after downloading and ask you to begin the installation. Don’t, just close the window.
Next, insert a USB drive that’s at least 8GB. Open Disk Utility and erase the drive using “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” as the format type and “Untitled” as the name. Click Erase and wait for the process to complete.
Once the erase process is completed, close Disk Utility and open Terminal. Copy and paste the following command (via MacRumors forum user tywebb13) and press Return to execute it:

How to Create a USB Installer for OS X Mavericks
sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ --volume /Volumes/Untitled --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ --nointeraction

You’ll need to enter an admin password to start the command.
The copying process will take 15 to 30 minutes depending on the speed of your USB drive. Once it’s done, you’re free to use the drive as a bootable Mavericks installer.

6 thoughts on “How to Create a USB Installer for OS X Mavericks”

Asit says:
Hi I do not have terminal access as I formatted the drive. I do not have other mac. Is there a way we can do this from windows or disk utility at startup ?
Dave Haertel says:
I get command not found as well, here’s the paste of what I’m typing in (without the quotes)
“sudo /Applications/Install OS X –volume /Volumes/Untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install OS X –nointeraction”
Paul75 says:
When with the line can create the file .iso ?
Only works with usb key ?
Not working with a creating a image.dmg
frenchspanish says:
I all the times get a: sudo: /Applications/Install OS X command not found
Lee Chong Yew says:
What about for DVDs? I don’t trust USB sticks since they’re rewritable and thus prone to bit-rot, and the cheaper sticks are still slower than a DVD drive.
TekRevue says:
Check out DiskMaker X. Its primary function is to create bootable OS X Install USB drives, but it also has an option to create an install DVD instead.
Paul75 says:
but the last version of DiskMaker X remove the function to create DVD Bootable.
Robert John Churchill says:
For this to work, I had to use double-dashes… “–volume”, “–applicationpath” and “–nointeraction”
TekRevue says:
Hi Robert,
Yes, you’re right. When I added the code to our CMS, it automatically replaced the double-dash with em dashes. I’ll fix it right away. Thanks!

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