If you bought 50 Cent’s album with Bitcoin, here’s what you could now own instead

You’ve probably seen the news that 50 Cent’s money problems are over and in spectacular fashion. The rapper, who once declared himself bankrupt, has discovered around £5.5 million worth of Bitcoin he forgot he had.

If you bought 50 Cent’s album with Bitcoin, here’s what you could now own instead

The rapper sold his 2014 album Animal Ambitions with an option to pay in Bitcoin through his now-defunct Shopify store. If you paid your Bitcoins over, and didn’t have buyer’s remorse upon listening to the album (Metacritic suggests you would), then you certainly should now. While a single Bitcoin was worth just under £400 back in June 2014, it’s worth £7,813 at the time of writing. That’s left Fiddy with a windfall of around £5.5 million from the 700 Bitcoin he took in sales at the time.

Showing that this joke remains evergreen:

…50 Cent’s name now translates to just 0.000044 Bitcoin.

“Not Bad for a kid from South Side, I’m so proud of me,” the rapper wrote in a post on Instagram, adding: “I’m a keep it real. I forgot I did that shit lol”

But let’s just say you bought the album in Bitcoin back in 2014 and still listen to it every day. Allow me to try and ruin your morning by showing you what you could have won…

I can’t find records of exactly how much 50 Cent was charging for Animal Ambitions back in 2014, but let’s assume it was the standard retail price of new release albums in the states at the time: $12.87. Let’s add $2.61 for shipping, and that means our magic total comes to $15.48 – or 0.0234 Bitcoin. That’s £181.58 – or around £345 if you cashed out at just the right moment in December.

That means that instead of a forgettable hippety-hop album you could own:

  • Two Amazon Echos to pester with 50 Cent trivia
  • A Polar M430 running watch to run to the beat of an album that isn’t Animal Ambitions
  • This 32in TV. Perfect for watching any of Fiddy’s 43 acting roles on
  • Two to three PlayStation 3 consoles (don’t forget your copy of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand to play on it)
  • The Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones for listening to anything but Animal Ambitions with
  • A London travel card covering zones one to four for a WHOLE MONTHif_you_bought_50_cents_album_with_bitcoin_heres_what_you_could_now_own_instead_2

Of course, for Fiddy himself, his initial £435,400 windfall is now worth £5.5 million. Which means that while he could once have been limited to a two-bedroom flat 1.6 miles from Southfields underground, he can now treat himself to a seven-bedroom detached house less than a mile from Hammersmith station.

Not bad for an album that the critics called “the sonic equivalent of a blooper reel.”

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