CSGO vs. Valorant Review — Which Should You Play?

As of recently, Riot Games’ Valorant has been touted as the top contender for the multi-player FPS place CSGO currently holds.

CSGO vs. Valorant Review — Which Should You Play?

Some describe the game as a marriage between Overwatch and CSGO. While others go out on a limb and proclaim Valorant the “CSGO killer”.

From the standpoint of an unbiased gamer, the new release isn’t likely to covert the hordes of CSGO fans. But the game is a veritable competitor indeed, therefore it pays to dig a bit deeper and compare the two.

Low Requirements Galore

CSGO is famous for its super-low requirements. In fact, you should be able to play the game on a five-year-old laptop. To freshen up your memory, the bare minimum includes the following:

  1. Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent
  2. 2 GB of RAM
  3. 15 GB of internal storage
  4. GPU with at least 256 MB
  5. DirectX 9 compatibility

And when you take a look at the Valorant bare minimum, the specs are almost the same. Only you need 4 GB of RAM and 1 GB of VRAM. This isn’t surprising, given the fact that Valorant has been developed on the Unreal engine. As such, it’s a bit more demanding. But it may also offer more in terms of physics and effects.

CSGO Valorant

Things to Keep in Mind

The minimum specs allow for 30 FPS gaming – and this is true for both releases. And if you want to step up to 60 FPS, Intel i3 and Geforce GT 730 are the lowest benchmarks. Again, this is true for CSGO and Valorant.

With this in mind, the difference between gameplay on 30, 60, and higher refresh rate monitors is striking. This might give an unfair advantage to games who use better equipment. But if you don’t play at a pro-level, your in-game experience should be pretty decent at lower specs.

On the other hand, server support is a major point of departure.

Unlike CSGO, Valorant managed to provide 128-tick servers to facilitate gameplay as smooth as possible. And this could be one of the game’s main selling points, especially if you wish to compete.

Furthermore, Valorant promises a bullet-proof, anti-cheat framework. Again, this is something Valve failed to effectively establish for CSGO. That said, Valve’s anti-cheat catches the crooks, but so far it hasn’t been fast enough.

Keep in mind that Valorant hadn’t been officially released by the time this article was published. Therefore, it remains to be seen if the advanced anti-cheat can handle thousands of players on servers across the globe.

What About the Gameplay?

If you showed Valorant and CSGO gameplay to casual gamers, they probably wouldn’t tell the difference right away. But this isn’t necessarily a negative thing and Valorant sticks to the main attractions of the FPS genre.

You play matches in the five-versus-five format. The attackers need to plant a bomb at one of the sites within a given map. The bomb is dubbed “spike” and if the planting is successful, the attackers win.


Of course, the other way to win is to obliterate the opponent. And after each round, there’s the buy phase when you can purchase weapons and abilities for the next round.

Saves are also available, and they’re likely to be as popular as those in CSGO. Then there’s the shooting physics that appear to be exactly the same as in CSGO.

For example, each weapon has a distinct spray pattern. With practice, you should be able to master the aim, regardless of the weapon you prefer. But this isn’t the only similarity.

If you shoot while moving, your accuracy dwindles. In turn, the game forces you to be more tactical and stop, peer, and peak before you aim for a kill. Speaking of which, Valorant’s gameplay is rather slow, maybe even slower than CSGO, but this is a subjective observation.

Anyway, the same shooting physics and slow pace put CSGO veterans at an advantage. They’re likely to score higher and climb up the leaderboard much faster than novices.

Characters and Abilities

Without a doubt, the selection of characters and abilities is where the two games differ the most.

In Valorant, there’s an entire host of characters you choose prior to each battle. Each one has predefined abilities coupled with an ultimate power that needs to be replenished. Admittedly, some of the abilities have their counterparts in CSGO.

For example, you can throw what appears to be a smoke grenade, Molotov, or a flashbang. But the game becomes really interesting when you start casting healing or poison clouds. And yes, you can also teleport your character.

The important thing is that a characters’ ultimate powers may turn the battle to your advantage. But these don’t appear in every round, which makes the gameplay a bit more engaging.


Let the Games Begin

In the end, Valorant is an FPS well-worth your time. The game does take cues from CSGO, but neither game can be proclaimed as the ultimate winner of the multi-player FPS genre. And remember, Counter-Strike has years of development behind the game, and Valorant is yet to earn its stars.

How long have you been playing CSGO? Would you be willing to give Valorant a try? Share your thoughts with the rest of the TJ community in the comments section below.

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