How To Change Clothes in Cyberpunk 2077

You’re cruising the streets of Night City and making a name for yourself. But there’s one problem. The clothes your character V is wearing don’t reflect your elevated status.

How To Change Clothes in Cyberpunk 2077

Do you want to look like a ratty street kid? Or maybe embrace all things tech?

Whether you want your character to have the most preemo outfits in the city or get fitted out in all your cyborg glory, you can do that with clothing.

CD Projekt Red gives you tons of options to outfit your character, so don’t settle for rags when you’re aiming for riches. Check out how to change clothes in-game and reflect your inner cyberpunk.

What Are Your Clothing Choices?

Cyberpunk 2077 gives you a variety of clothing options and different ways to mix and match each piece. The result? A V that’s unique and completely yours.

There are four different slots for clothing your character:

  1. Head or Face
  2. Upper Body
  3. Lower Body
  4. Special

As you may expect, clothing that fits on your head includes hats and sunglasses. But it doesn’t stop there. You can pick up different cosmetic cyber wear for your face, too, to match the tech you have inside to your outsides.

Upper body wear generally means clothing that covers your torso. These are the shirts, vests, and outerwear you can equip for your character. And if you didn’t know already, you can equip both a shirt and a jacket at the same time. They don’t share clothing slots.

Lower body clothing is relatively self-explanatory. Clothing for your lower body could include skirts and gym shorts as well as the quintessential rocker pants. The lower body category also has a slot to change footwear.

Special clothing is a little different. They’re full sets of clothing that automatically fill up all the slots.

Your character starts off with a few pieces of clothing to mix it up. But you’re going to want to go out into the world and change it up as soon as possible. Aside from the fashion aspect, special pieces offer you additional armor and perks. And you don’t want to waste clothing mods on subpar pieces.

How Do You Change Clothes?

Changing clothing is relatively intuitive so many players figure it out on their own. The actual buttons may vary depending on how you’re playing the game, but these are the general steps to get started:

  1. Go into the game menu.
  2. Select Inventory.
  3. Select the category and clothing slot to change.
  4. Click on the new clothing item from the next menu.
  5. Back out of the Inventory page when finished.

As a bonus, CD Projekt Red gives you a preview of how V looks as you change each piece of clothing. Try on everything in your inventory until you find clothing pieces that fit just right.

So, what about clothing mods?

Equipping mods for clothing happens in the same menu as changing clothing. But instead of exiting out, click on the Mods slot or the Mods tab at the top of the item list. If you have any mods for the clothing category, you’ll see them listed there. Clothing mods are also indicated with a little yellow circle and a number in the Mods slot for the clothing category.

Just keep in mind that not all clothing can equip mods.

Where Do You Get New Clothes?

Now here’s the big question…

Where in the big world of NC do you get clothing?

You have a couple of options when it comes to getting your hands on new threads:


The easiest way to get new clothing is to loot them when you’re out in the world. Most likely, this will happen when you’re running missions or jobs in the game. And sometimes it happens by looting corpses.

Keep your eyes peeled for green loot icons when you’re out and about. This usually denotes a piece of clothing or other great finds.

As you may notice, your loot reflects the part of NC that you’re in.

For example, if you’re knee-deep in Maelstrom territory, you’re probably going to find a lot of cosmetic tech for the head. On the other hand, Arasaka loot may yield more tactical gear and vests.

So, if you’re going for a particular look you may want to pay special attention when you’re in the neighborhood of others who share the same tastes.


If you’re a little squeamish about looting or you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can also buy items. There are a variety of vendors located around Night City that sell clothing. This is how you find them:

  1. Open your Menu.
  2. Click on Map.
  3. Look for a white hooded shirt icon.
  4. Click on it to get a mapped route.

When you get there, just talk to the vendor to take a look at their store.

If you do happen to find something you like, you don’t have to go back to V’s apartment to change clothing. It’s a little unseemly to change on the sidewalk but it’s convenient, right?

One thing you’ll notice is that there aren’t many clothing vendors out there. And they don’t all carry the same thing. You may have to check in with vendors often to find that particular piece that completes your outfit.

Also, vendors don’t have set inventories. This means that what you see when you check in with a vendor won’t necessarily be there the next time you visit. If you see something you like, buy it immediately because it may not be there later.

Reflect Your Inner Punk

Regardless of how you stylize your V, you’re going to need the right clothing. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need money to buy new clothes. If you’re short on eddies, do a few jobs and keep your eyes peeled.

Also, remember that clothing may make you stand out in Night City, but it has a secondary function, too. Clothing functions as armor for your character. So, the next time you find yourself taking a particularly harsh beating, you may want to look in your virtual closet. Turning yourself into a tank may be as easy as a makeover.

Where’s your favorite place to get clothing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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