Deal alert: Get a Google Pixel XL for under £400

It’s a pretty open secret that Google will be unleashing a new flagship phone on the world in a matter of hours. If you can’t wait, however, or don’t have Scrooge McDuck style riches at your disposal (it’s going to be pricey) there is a way of getting Google’s current flagship for a bargain price.

Deal alert: Get a Google Pixel XL for under £400

The Pixel XL launched at £719 last November, but today you can get it for far, far less: £399 for the 32GB model from the Carphone Warehouse. That’s a whole lot of phone for not a huge amount of money – although it’s worth noting this isn’t one for those who’ve bumped up against storage limitations in the past: Google’s handsets don’t let you slip in your own microSD card.deal_alert_get_a_google_pixel_xl_for_under_ps400_-_1

In every other respect though, we loved it. It’s fast, it has the best camera in the business, a super screen and it gets the latest version of Android first. In fact, the only thing keeping it from getting the full five-star treatment from us was the price. Now that’s not an issue, it’s an easy recommendation.

Buy the Pixel XL from the Carphone Warehouse

Okay, it’s no longer the fastest in the room: the Pixel XL includes the Snapdragon 821 processor, while the Pixel 2 is likely to include the Snapdragon 835. That will have a speed impact. The graph below shows how the HTC U11 – which also has the Snapdragon 835 – improves upon the Pixel.geekbench_4_geekbench_4_multi-core_geekbench_4_single-core_chartbuilder_2

But again, the Pixel 2 is going to cost a lot of money, almost certainly starting around the £650 mark, and probably higher – a lot higher for the XL model. Will it be £250 better? Maybe, but I wouldn’t bet the house on it.

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