The Sega Mega Drive Classic Game Console is now just £34.99 in the Black Friday sales

Taking on the likes of the SNES Classic Mini, AtGames released a remake of Sega Mega Drive earlier this year.

The Sega Mega Drive Classic Game Console is now just £34.99 in the Black Friday sales

The tiny console usually costs £59.99 and comes with an impressive 81 built-in titles including all the iconic Sonic series, Mortal Kombat I, II, and II and Virtua Fighter 2. It connects to your TV via an RCA plug (you can buy a SCART adaptor if necessary) and it comes with two wired controllers.

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Now, thanks to the Argos Black Friday deals, this retro console is available for the bargain price of £34.99.

Unlike Nintendo’s SNES Classic Mini, AtGame’s console comes with a cartridge slot that supports almost every original Sega Genesis and Mega Drive cartridge, so if your old console broke and you held onto some games in the vain hope you might one day be able to use them again, you’re in luck.

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Atari fans can also get a fix of classic gaming by picking up the recently released Flashback 6 Classic Game Console, which comes with 100 games built in.

If you’ve asked for a retro console for Christmas but can’t wait to get your hands on some classic games, Sega has made its 1991 classic Sonic the Hedgehog available to play for free as part of its Sega Forever collection along with other retro titles including Virtua Tennis, Altered Beast and Kid Chameleon.

The games are compatible with Android and iOS devices and you can compete with other players using online leaderboards and even use an external Bluetooth controller if you don’t like the idea of using fiddly on-screen controls.

virtua_tennisSega says it plans to re-introduce “nearly every SEGA game ever released from every console era”, so it’s worth checking back on the site regularly to see what’s been added. The only major downside to the titles being free is that they’re supported by intrusive ads, but buying the premium version costs only £1.99 per game.

Doing this also unlocks the option to play offline, which is vital if you want to play on-the-go and don’t have a reliable network connection. You might think that using such a small screen would be very fiddly, but I was really impressed with the swipe gestures Sega has developed for Virtua Tennis, and there’s a handy guide to help you get to grips with them quickly.

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