Best of the worst Cyber Monday deals: From condoms to crisps, catnip and cans

In the process of finding the best Cyber Monday 2017 deals, we’ve come across some absolutely brilliant – or terrible, depending on how you look at it – offers for the most random items.

Best of the worst Cyber Monday deals: From condoms to crisps, catnip and cans

From huge boxes of Smith’s Crisps to condoms and lube, and even spray for cats, most of the weirdest Cyber Monday deals are less than £15. And who knows, there may be something of real use in this list.

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WD-40 400ml Specialist Motorbike Chain Cleaner

Apparently the standard WD-40 isn’t the wonder spray it’s made out to be – or its makers want to boost sales by introducing multiple versions. This specialist chain cleaner removes dirt, grime, dust and oil from chains and is compatible with O, X and Z ring chains. The deals is only open for a limited-time. 

Novelty Christmas Theme Glasses

Move over Elton John, these tasteful novelty glasses will make you look the part at any Christmas shindig over the coming weeks. We’ve picked the gold Christmas puddings but who are we to stop you buying the reindeer and snowflake versions and having a pair of shades for every occasion and outfit.

Buy these glasses from Amazon 

Cartoon Red Lobster Mascot Costume 

We’re not knocking the product here. There are clearly times in your life that you’ll want – nay, need – a novelty Red Lobster Mascot costume in your life. The trouble is that while the £56 saving seems good on the surface, the listing has a cautionary warning that it “may arrive after Christmas”. That’s just not a chance we’re willing to take.

Buy the Cartoon Red Lobster Mascot Costume Plush

Smith’s Savoury Selection Bundle Pack

 In the league table of crisps, Scampi Fries reign supreme and with this Smith’s Savoury Selection bundle you can get 36 bags of these fishy treats, as well as Cheese Moments and Bacon Fries. Throw in some Mr Porky Pork Scratchings and you’ve got the start of party of dreams.

Buy the Smith’s Savoury Selection Bundle Pack from Amazon

Diapers for dogs

These training pads are “100% more absorbent than economy pads” with a core designed to draw in wetness. Each of the 100 pads are disposable and help control odours. 

There are even extra small doggy diapers for female dogs. In fact, you can buy these diapers in xx small, small, medium, large and extra large.

Buy the training pads from Amazon 

Buy the dog diapers from Amazon 

Incontinence bed pad

And for humans with an incontinence problem this washable waterproof sheet will fit in any standard baby cot or can be used “on-the-go”, on a chair, a sofa or on your lap. It also doubles up as a menstrual pad and blanket.

As the listing states: “This waterproof pad gets the job done.”

Buy the washable waterproof sheet from Amazon 

Lifesize cutout of David Cameron

Yes, the recommended retail price of this lifesized cutout of David Cameron is £34.99, offering you a saving of £6.59, but really at this point, shouldn’t it be more? If you’re trying to create a replica of the House of Commons in your living room (and who isn’t?) you want every lifesize cardboard cut out to be completely up to date. Since Cameron stood down as an MP last year, this isn’t the bargain it first appears.

Buy a lifesize cardboard cutout of David Cameron

KONG Catnip spray

Made from concentrated catnip oil, this spray lets you cover cat toys and scratchers with an “irresistible” scent. Apparently its made by steam-distilling the “finest North American catnip.” Sure.

Buy KONG Catnip spray from Amazon


If you’ve got a hankering for some neon orange refreshment, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t, you can get a pack of 24 regular IRN-BRU cans as well as the Xtra Soda or Sugar Free version. The Xtra Soda packs are even listed as an “Amazon Choice.” 


Buy IRN-BRU from Amazon

Durex X-Large Comfort Condoms 

Get a pack of extra large Durex condoms for just £6.39, a saving of 36%. Rather than being longer, they are larger at the base than regular condoms. If you buy them with a 100ml Durex lube, you can get both for £12.89 with free delivery.

Plus, if you know you’re going to be getting through a lot, save 15% by subscribing to receive the product every two months, or at an interval you choose. You can also get a Durex Dash Button and press it every time you need a top up.

Alternatively, you can get a box of the Durex Surprise Me Variety pack which contains 40 different types of condoms, including Durex Thin Feel. 

Buy X-large Durex Comfort condoms from Amazon 

Purell Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub

A must for germaphobes and people having to share desks with disgusting people, this hand rub is “ideal for desktop use or wherever a dispenser may not be possible.” One reviewer says they’ve used it after nappy changes on their great grandaughter and thinks its “brilliant.”

A 300ml bottle qualifies for free Prime delivery. Why not buy 10!

Buy Purell Advanced Hygenic Hand Rub from Amazon 

Nickelback: Feed the Machine album

Some may argue that you’d need to pay them to buy a Nickelback album, not the other way round, but needless to say, the Feed The Machine album is on offer. The MP3 version isn’t quite as cheap, but if you’re really keen to listen to the album without buying a hard copy you could become an Amazon Music Unlimited subscriber for just 99p for three months.

And with 86% of five star reviews, who can argue with that…

Buy Nickelback’s Feed the Machine album on Amazon 

Note: these descriptions were written with our tongue very firmly in our cheek

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