This iPhone deal may be the star of Black Friday

If you’re looking for a genuine bargain on Apple iPhones this Black Friday, you’re broadly out of luck. Sure, there are discounts on the iPhone 8 to be had – but it’s such a new phone that they still make it a very expensive handset.

This iPhone deal may be the star of Black Friday

But there is one member of the iPhone family that deserves a mention: the diminutive iPhone SE. This dinky 4in handset retails for £360 SIM-free on the Apple website, but if you’re a Sky TV customer, Sky Mobile has a brilliant deal on it for a 24-month contract. £10 per month with no upfront cost, for a total fee of £240 – some £120 lower than the RRP.

Plus, of course, you actually get a contract with it: unlimited minutes and texts, and 1gb of data. Okay, 1gb data per month might not be enough for your needs, but two counterpoints to that:

1) You’re still getting the phone below RRP, so could get a more generous contract and plug it into that

2) Sky Mobile is unique amongst providers, in that it lets you stockpile your data from month to month. In other words, if you only use 750mb in November, you’ll get 1.25gb in December – the unused 250mb rolls over.iphone_se_4

The iPhone SE was released in recognition of the fact that not everyone likes their phones on the phabletty side. While the main numbered iPhones now start at 4.7in, the SE is perfectly pocket-sized at 4in. As Sasha said in his review: “It’s small, but as powerful as anyone could need it to be; the battery life exceeds even Apple’s plus-sized handsets; and the screen, camera and all-round quality should be enough to seduce almost anyone who’s in the market for a smaller phone.

“The iPhone SE is a tiny phone with the heart of a giant.”

Buy the iPhone SE for £10 per month from Sky Mobile

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