AMD sets the specs for gaming PCs

AMD has launched a new “Game” specification that aims to make buying hardware as easy for PC gamers as console owners.

AMD sets the specs for gaming PCs

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The chip manufacturer claims that there is enormous consumer confusion over whether new PCs are suitable for 3D gaming. Two thirds of desktops and laptops sold within the past year wouldn’t deliver “a great gaming experience” according to research cited by AMD.

In a bid to reduce uncertainty, the company has launched the AMD Game scheme. PCs that meet a minimum specification will be allowed to display an AMD Game logo on in-store displays and advertising, allowing consumers to see instantly that the machine is suitable for 3D gaming.

The scheme is split into two: AMD Game Ultra for high-end performance and standard AMD Game. Unsurprisingly, the hardware specification is based purely on AMD components. AMD Game machines must meet the minimum spec of Athlon X2 5600+ processor, ATI Radeon HD 3650 graphics

and use the AMD 770 chipset. Game Ultra, meanwhile, demands a Phenom X4 9500, Radeon HD 3850 graphics and the 770 chipset.

All manner of other components – ranging from motherboards to gaming mice – have also been certified for use in the AMD Game machines.

“With the support of industry leaders in PC gaming, AMD Game ensures consumers don’t need an enthusiast-level knowledge of PC hardware for an optimal gaming system,” claims Nigel Dessau, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at AMD. “We in the PC industry owe consumers the same predictability, simplicity and affordability in finding a PC for gaming that the console industry currently provides.”

AMD has signed up a small number of manufacturing partners for the scheme, including Acer, Alienware and Logitech, who are already selling equipment based on the specification.

Whether or not the scheme will be enough to steer consumers away from Intel/Nvidia based equipment for their gaming PCs is unclear, but it seems AMD is once again preparing for an assault on high-end PCs.

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