MV Cubik GamePro 1GB review

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A final touch to the GamePro is the Zboard gaming keyboard. With interchangeable key layouts you can hotswap between a conventional keyboard and one with a gamepad layout designed primarily to help in FPS games. It’s not oozing with quality – the keys sound clacky and feel loose, and the gaming layout is a bit gimmicky – but it’s a nice idea we’d like to see developed. The Logitech MX310 wired optical mouse is less appealing though, as it wouldn’t fit comfortably in any of our hands.

MV Cubik GamePro 1GB review

The GamePro ships with a decent warranty – something we always like to see. The first year is on-site cover, with the second and third years reverting to a more standard return-to-base policy.

All of the features on the GamePro make for a great gaming experience (except for the poorly designed mouse). The monitor offers superb image quality, while the 6800 GT graphics and 1GB of RAM lets you play games at their most attractive. At almost double the price of our SFF Labs Winner last month it may seem expensive, but it’s more of an investment. The higher benchmark scores indicate greater longevity. If you can afford it, the GamePro is a great machine; if not try the JAL Daphne.

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