Sony VAIO VGC-V2S review

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On the TV side, there’s an impressive Standby mode, turning off or resuming operation in as little as three seconds. The V2S has a single analog tuner, which means you can’t get FreeView without an additional set-top box. It also means you can’t watch and record different channels at the same time. That wouldn’t have been a big issue six months ago, but with dual-tuner setups now commonplace in Windows XP Media Center Edition PCs, it’s beginning to look primitive.

Sony VAIO VGC-V2S review

Overall, it’s a stylish machine with compromises, but some of these are inherent in the all-in-one form factor rather than Sony’s implementation of it. Nonetheless, usability issues abound, and without any scope for upgrading the TV tuner or graphics card, it will quickly become dated. That means throwing out both your PC and your TV and starting again.

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