SilverStone NT06 Cooler review

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Modern CPUs require a lot of cooling and, while the stock coolers that come with most PCs are up to the task, 80mm fans need to run at high speed to cool effectively, and that means a lot of noise. The NT06 will fit Intel sockets 478/LGA775, plus AMD Socket 754/939/940 and the new AM2 format, and comes with a larger 120mm fan and backplate-mounted speed control. Sadly, the NT06 can’t be adjusted using software that controls the voltage going to it, such as SpeedFan (, so you have to use the fiddly backplate-mounted control instead. However, even at a low rpm of 1,467, our hot-running FX-60 ran at 62C, comparing well to the 51C we saw under our far more disruptive stock cooler. While that’s reasonable, it isn’t quite as effective as Scythe’s Ninja, which costs the same.

SilverStone NT06 Cooler review

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