Belkin Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse review

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Belkin has a reputation for making good-quality kit at sensible prices, and nothing changes with this keyboard and mouse set. Using RF (Radio Frequency) to communicate – like every other wireless set here – you don’t need line-of-sight positioning between the keyboard/mouse and receiver, as you do with infrared sets.

Belkin Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse review

A drawback to battery-powered wireless keyboards is that there are no status lights indicating Caps Lock or Num Lock status, so we were pleased Belkin supplied drivers that display status in the System Tray. However, the other options were much more limiting than those on either the Microsoft or Logitech offerings. For example, the Belkin set doesn’t display the strength of the wireless signal or how much battery power is left, meaning you’ll be kept guessing as to when to add batteries to your shopping list.

Compared to the similarly priced Genius TwinTouch LuxeMate, the Belkin’s styling is rather drab. It wins hands down on quality, though. The keyboard’s keys have a soft feel to them, making it one of the quietest on test, and it felt commendably similar to the more expensive Microsoft offering, even during extended use.

The mouse won’t be winning any awards for its looks either, and isn’t as good as the keyboard. It lacks the extra buttons of the Logitech and the ergonomic excellence of Microsoft’s mouse, although it does its job well enough.

These are comparatively minor criticisms, though. The set is comfortable to use, and the keyboard in particular stands out because of its quality. It lacks the stand-out looks of the Genius set, but this is one of the best-value wireless sets you’ll find for under £30.

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