Trust 3011A Wireless Optical Deskset review

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Trust’s 3011A comes in at the budget end of the spectrum but somehow manages to provide wireless (RF, not infrared) peripherals for only £14. However, there are drawbacks to this cheap pair.

Our main gripes are over the look and feel, which are so vital for a mouse and keyboard. Neither are likely to win style awards, with the mouse including both visually and ergonomically unappealing rubber thumb grips on the sides. We also found the mouse buttons travelled a bit too far, making clicking dissatisfying compared to the Microsoft and Logitech sets. More annoying still, the keyboard was too rattly for our liking.

Despite this, you’re getting plenty of features for your money. Like the Belkin set, Trust’s software installs icons in the System Tray to let you know when Caps Lock or Num Lock is turned on. Shortcut buttons include a decent array of media playback controls as well as handy Internet Explorer controls. Plus, there’s a low-battery light so you know when to replace the two alkaline AA cells that come in the box. The mouse packs in the features too, with five buttons making switching between Internet pages and Explorer windows simple.

PC connection is via PS/2 only, although the lack of USB shouldn’t prove a problem for most users. Drivers are needed for some shortcut buttons, but the set will work without them.

PC users on a budget have long turned to Trust for bargains, and if you’re reluctant to part with more than £20 you won’t find a cheaper wireless set than the Trust. You should be conscious, though, that for around £10 more you could have the more attractive Genius set or the excellent Belkin combo.

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