Gladiator Trident PCP6600 Extreme review

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Somewhat strangely, the seven £1,299 machines only choose between Asus and EVGA motherboards. Gladiator’s EVGA board has an Nforce 680i SLI chipset, offering plenty of upgrade potential when paired with the 500W power supply.

Gladiator Trident PCP6600 Extreme review

While this may not be enough grunt for a pair of 8800 cards, the 7950 GT is a more manageable beast and a second card is feasible if you can afford it. As it is, the Trident PCP6600 Extreme struggled slightly in our 3D tests compared to some of the others, scoring 44fps and 36fps in Far Cry and Call of Duty 2 respectively at our highest settings. It will be fine for all but the latest games if you like to play at high resolutions with all the advanced effects switched on.

That’s the only slightly weak point in an otherwise blistering system. Gladiator has overclocked a Core 2 Duo E6600 from its stock 2.4GHz, but has outdone Chillblast by pushing it right up to 3GHz. It’s cooled by a beefy-looking Thermaltake Big Typhoon (replete with 120mm fan) to ensure it remains stable.

But the real work is done by the fantastic Antec Nine Hundred case. The PSU sits at the bottom, while a massive 200mm fan in the roof noiselessly removes hot air. Two 120mm front fans keep air flowing, plus one at the rear. It allows the Gladiator to be stunningly fast in 2D applications – it hit a chart-topping 1.74 in our benchmarks – while remaining supremely quiet in use.

A 20in widescreen ViewSonic TFT complements the PC. A DVI cable is supplied for optimal quality, and we had no issues with brightness, contrast or viewing angles. The only problem was a very slight green tinge in some movie scenes. The 5.1 Logitech speakers add to the entertainment appeal, with good volume and quality, and the Laser Cordless Desktop mouse is a nice inclusion too.

The Trident PCP6600 Extreme is one of the fastest machines we’ve seen at this price in a superb case. The two-year on-site warranty is simply the icing on the delicious cake. Compared to some of the others here it lacks headroom for games, but Gladiator will upgrade the graphics card to an 8800 GTS for £59 or a GTX for £149 (including VAT). If you’re an avid gamer and can afford the upgrade, it’s a great choice.

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