Mesh Elite Home Pro review

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Sitting them side by side, it’s amazing the difference a 22in TFT makes over a 20in model, so it’s inevitable that those manufacturers that opted for the larger screens have done well this month. The Belinea 2225 S1W isn’t quite up there with Gladiator’s Asus MW221U in terms of style or entertainment quality, but the Mesh manages to combine the big TFT with a very impressive PC.

Mesh Elite Home Pro review

Cooled by a 120mm fan at the rear and side ducting for the Core 2 Duo E6600, there’s plenty of scope for overclocking should you want more than the standard 2.4GHz. At 41dBA, it isn’t one of the quietest on test, so you’d be advised not to try to push the fans much harder. But even at this speed it’s fast and powerful, and the GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB is on a par with the rest of the group. Lower a few quality settings and you should be able to game happily at the native 1,680 x 1,050 resolution. You’ll barely notice the slight drop in quality, as the 5.1 speaker set will keep you immersed.

Inside, the components are tidily arranged, with transverse hard disk mounts for easy access and rounded or bunched cables throughout. The centrepiece is the superb Asus P5N-E SLI Deluxe motherboard, with a spare PCI-E 16x slot for another graphics card in the future, although the 550W PSU may not quite be up to the task of SLI. On the rear, you’ll find one of the increasingly common eSATA connectors for the latest hard disks, and there’s also a parallel port for older devices.

But it’s that 22in TFT that elevates the Mesh above Eclipse and Zoostorm, as it really highlights the inferior quality of their V7 and Xerox offerings. Despite the lack of a DVI connector, the Belinea aligned correctly first time, and the image is pleasantly crisp and clear. It isn’t the most vivid monitor we’ve seen, but then neither is the Asus MW221U. The Belinea’s colours are accurate on the whole and we saw no problems with motion blur or ghosting in games.

And when you add in little touches like the front-mounted media card reader and the excellent Logitech Deluxe 650 Cordless keyboard and mouse set, you really start to get a well-rounded deal.

However, noise is a problem. We measured 41dBA from the front when idle – that’s a lot more distracting than Evesham’s 35dBA. Also, the Home Pro has only a one-year on-site warranty compared to Evesham’s two. But if you want a 22in monitor and can live with the noise, the Mesh is a decent choice.

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