Cyberpower Gamer Infinity review

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Cyberpower is a new name to PC Pro; the firm originally started out in the US, but now has a UK office in Gateshead. The company’s debut PC came out swinging with an overclocked Athlon 64 X2 3800+ that propelled it to the top of the speed table. Unfortunately, winning takes more than raw performance, and we were disappointed with the 17in Yuraku monitor, a conspicuous step down from the 19in displays provided by every other supplier. Although the resolution doesn’t suffer, a monitor that looks cramped today can’t be a good investment for the future

Cyberpower Gamer Infinity review

Cyberpower also fell short of its rivals by shipping Vista Home Basic rather than Home Premium. The differences between the two are largely superficial, but when other machines come with Media Center at the same price, Cyberpower looks a little mean.

The 80GB Maxtor hard disk was the smallest on test – other systems come with twice or even (in the Gladiator’s case) four times the storage capacity.

Finally, the system was neither quiet nor efficient: its idle noise of 39dBA was the second loudest, and its idle power draw of 84W was near the highest.

The good news is that the Infinity is supremely expandable. Three standard PCI slots are provided, as well as two PCI-E 1x slots and one 16x slot. The latter contains a 128MB GeForce 7300LE card; despite the system’s name, it can’t cope with modern games, but the composite video output could be handy. There’s plenty of space for extra drives, and three spare SATA ports, one free IDE channel and a decent 400W PSU. Six mini-jack connectors at the rear mean that, unlike most PCs here, the Cyberpower can actually use its 7.1 audio chip.

Few system integrators win an award on their first outing, and here the screen, OS and hard disk stop us recommending the Gamer Infinity. For a hobbyist, however, it’s worth considering for its core speed and expandability, while for technophobes the three-year return-to-base warranty and lifetime support could win Cyberpower the day.

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