VeryPC Parkwood review

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A quick glance at the feature table reveals the brand new VeryPC Parkwood has one of the most powerful processors on test this month. It’s an Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 that runs at 2.5GHz and, coupled with 2GB of RAM, promised plenty when the newly released model arrived in the Labs.

VeryPC Parkwood review

As we expected, the processor provided impressive 2D benchmark results. A score of 1.46 is the fastest on test this month, and it’s more than enough to cope with the most demanding of desktop applications, as well as some more intensive stuff, such as video editing.

The rest of the specification is relatively meagre, though. The 100GB hard disk is the smallest on test and will fill up fairly quickly compared with the 250GB, and even half-terabyte, drives included with smaller systems.

This uneven specification becomes more disappointing when you look at the chassis – one of the largest on test. It’s relatively shallow, but more than 34cm wide. The inclusion of mainly mobile parts in such a spacious case is galling unless you’re looking at the machine from a strictly green point of view.

Still, it does at least look good. Whereas most manufacturers this month have chosen an elegant black finish, VeryPC has used brash, machined metal. We’re not convinced by the small door on the front of the machine, however, that conceals a pair of USB ports and the optical drive. It feels flimsy and insubstantial.

Typically for a machine from VeryPC, power consumption is excellent. It’s at the low end of the scale when sitting at idle, only drawing 25W. That’s not much more than the tiny, VIA-powered MSI Titan and, more impressively, this figure only rises to 35W when pushed to its limits.

But the superb benchmark performance and eco-friendly power draw sit uncomfortably alongside the small hard disk, overly-large chassis and high price. It’s worth buying if you want the Parkwood’s performance in a low-power machine but, with the Transtec and Novatech offering more for less, the VeryPC lags behind.

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