AdvanceTec AT-FX Slayer Pro review

Price when reviewed

it_photo_28427The Mesh, for instance, lacks a discrete GPU but trumps the Slayer when it comes to its monitor and application performance – and, since it’s £133 cheaper, you could upgrade the Mesh with a Radeon HD 4770, or even an HD 4870, and have cash left over. If screen quality isn’t a concern, then the Cyberpower is similar to the Slayer and costs only £477. Conversely, add £100 to your budget and you could buy the Mesh Matrix II, which includes a Radeon HD 4850, 22in TFT and 5.1 speakers.

Unless gaming on a strict budget is your top priority, the AdvanceTec is outclassed in most regards: the Cyberpower is similar but far cheaper and the Mesh a better overall package, aside from the GPU. While it’s a decent debut for AdvanceTec, in the face of some stiff competition the Slayer can’t quite live up to its name.

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