Disable firewall service android

Firewalls are meant to protect our devices from security threats. They provide a barrier between harmful malware and your precious device. However in a twist of things, there is actually a piece of Android malware which goes by the name Android Firewall Service. Devices affected with this malware constantly annoy users with an Android Firewall Service error.

Disable firewall service android

It has proven to be quite tricky to remove in some cases and trying to remove it via the usual means of removing apps is unproductive.

In this article we will be walking through some steps on how to remove this malware. Please note that one of the methods we will be outlining requires that your device be rooted. This process will vary from device to device.

How To Disable Android Firewall Service

1. Run An Antivirus Scan

There are quite a few pieces of antivirus software out there for Android. The easiest method of erasing the Android Firewall Service malware from your device might be to install an antivirus software such as AVG. If this does not work then you will have to attempt a more involved method.

2. Root And Manually Remove Malware

It seems that this malware manifests itself on your device in the form of three services. These are Firewall Service, Security Service and Time Service. If your device has unfortunately been afflicted with this malware then you will need to find a way to remove them. If running an antivirus scan unfortunately did not work then you should attempt the following method.

You should first root your device. After this is done, you will need an app which is capable of removing system apps from your device. In this article we will be using Titanium Backup. Regardless of the app you choose to install, the process should be similar.

For Titanium Backup, you will need to access the Backup/Restore option.


Next, select Firewall Service, Security Service and Time Service individually and for each of them choose the Uninstall option.

This should hopefully alleviate your Android Firewall Service malware issues.


The idea of your precious Android device being infected by malware is quite awful. Hopefully these 2 methods outlined above will aid you in removing the Android Firewall Service malware from your device. These 2 suggested methods are meant to remove the malware without having to restore your device to factory settings. We always hope that rectifying an error of any kind does not come to such a drastic measure.

You should note however that the second method outlined requires the user to take great care to make sure that they select the right services for removal. If you mistakenly delete the wrong thing, you could possibly prevent your device from functioning correctly. If you remove a component that is critical for your device’s functioning then you will be plagued with errors and might be forced to reinstall the operating system on your device.

Moreover, please remember to always be careful when downloading applications and to only download them from trusted sources.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

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