Is Disney Plus on Comcast?

As an upcoming streaming service, Disney Plus has got everyone excited and on their toes. For it’s likely to bring some serious competition to the table, threatening to rival the likes of Netflix and HBO Max. With the release date rapidly approaching, we’re left wondering what it’s going to be like.

Is Disney Plus on Comcast?

Even more importantly, everyone is anxious to find out which platforms the Disney Plus app is going to be directly available on. For instance, Comcast is wondering whether they can expect the Disney Plus app on their Xfinity products.

Get Started By Signing Up

Before you start streaming your favorite Disney movies on Disney Plus, you’ll need to get signed up for an account. Start by signing up here for a free week trial, or get your favorite movies, shows, and sports for one low price by bundling Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus right here!

What’s the Big Deal?

Disney might be one of the biggest corporations in the whole world, but the Disney Plus service doesn’t really bring anything completely new to the table. Streaming services have existed for a while now and Disney Plus does exactly what the others do: it uses the internet to stream content to your device.

But HBO Go and Netflix, for example, are significantly more popular streaming apps that consumers, in general, are very satisfied with. So why go to the lengths of creating a new streaming service? Well, because you have to, in this day and age. The traditional television is slowly, yet certainly dying and it’s being replaced by streaming – being able to access your desired content at any time you find convenient.

But is Disney doing this because it’s desperate? Far from it. Disney is one of the top players in the game. It owns Marvel, Marvel Studios, Fox, ESPN, Hulu, you name it! So, it’s clearly already earning money from streaming. In order to stay at the top, every company needs to follow the trends to an extent and Disney has decided to do this and more.

You see, Netflix is pretty much the only thing Netflix owns. The company has bought the rights to a wide variety of shows, movies, and other content, but the only thing Netflix can offer is more Netflix content.

On the other hand, Disney owns a ton of companies, from GoPro to Hulu. Therefore, it can bring a plethora of vastly different, yet matching services. For now, Disney Plus, on release, is rumored to be offering a bundle that incorporates ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney Plus for about $13 per month. This is something that Netflix, for instance, wouldn’t be able to match.

disney plus


Although Disney is vastly superior to its competitors when it comes to all the potential deals and options it may offer, there’s a particular quality it lacks, from the user’s perspective. While you can get services such as HBO Max and Netflix on most devices (smart TVs or streaming), Disney Plus is somewhat limited. On release, it will be available on Apple TV, iOS devices, Android TV, Android devices, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

This may look like a solid list, but it’s missing a fey factor.


Smart TVs

If you own a Comcast’s Xfinity Smart TV, for instance, you won’t be able to find the Disney Plus app in your Xfinity’s dedicated store. The same goes for Spectra, Sony, Vizio, and other major smart TV companies. This will likely be a huge deterrent for certain interested parties, as they’ll be forced to buy a new device, either a supported TV or a streaming device. Sure, Roku is an affordable and supported way to go, but it can easily seem like too much of a hassle, which will definitely turn certain users away.

That said, there is hope that Xfinity will eventually get Disney Plus. Both Samsung and LG TVs have support for Disney Plus, which shows that Disney is taking the Netflix-esque approach to spreading their app around. Until then, however, you’ll have to rely on one of the other platforms supported by Disney.

Will Disney Plus Come to Your Smart TV?

If Disney Plus isn’t compatible with your smart TV at launch, chances are that it won’t be. The reasoning behind this is that Disney is moving away from the traditional smart TV devices, and focusing on more advanced ones, such as Apple and Android TVs. The age of the typical television set, not to mention your regular television program is over and Disney knows this.

Disney Plus

With the November 12th release date just around the corner, we’re all anxiously awaiting new updates from Disney. For now, however, if your device isn’t on Disney Plus’ compatibility list, you’ll have to sit back and wait.

Is your device on the compatibility list? What do you think about the lack of mainstream smart TVs on the list? Join in on the discussion in the comments section below and feel free to ask any questions.

21 thoughts on “Is Disney Plus on Comcast?”

Joshua says:
Comcast needs to make the deal to add disney plus as they offer other streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix and other disney owned content including ABC, freeform, ESPN, etc. It is a great deal for Disney too as they will triple the subscribers by offering it to Xfinity customers using the X1 voice remote imcluding one-stop search abilities all on one platform or TV source input. It will be a match made in heaven, a win win win that is great for everyone involved, for consumers that want an easy button or X1 (voice control) all in one place, under one roof, on a single monthly bill.
Kehk says:
Roku devices might be a pain, but Roku smart tvs are very fast and support Disney plus.
Lisa Ginesi says:
Comcast SUCKS
so does Disney for not letting everyone know!
Jon says:
Sandy upgrade your subscription on Hulu the same way you add HBO and Showtime..
Devon Nolan says:
I have xfinity and a smart tv and can’t get Disney +. I say screw Disney in that instance and I’ll just stick with Netflix and HBO
Pancho says:
You can watch Disney+ if your smart TV has Android compatibility by downloading the app from Google Play. If you do not have an Android TV get a Chromecast that’s it.
Doug says:
I have a samsung smart tv and Comcast I get the Disney plus channel just fine I’m watching it now
Charles Dillon says:
How did you get the app on your tv? I’m not very tech savvy. Thanks
Tony says:
I just got DISNEY PLUS using my Smart Samsung TV’s little TV remote.

The Comcast remote control only talks with my Comcast X1 box, so it was useless.

Now I need to use 2 controllers depending on which premium channel.

Ann says:
Comcast really soaks you for all your extra’s and we have no choice but to use them and now I can’t watch Disney + on my brand new Samsung TV’s!! What a rip-off! My grand kids are so disappointed. They really need to step it up and do something about it!! Let’s impeach COMCAST!!
Rob says:
It is not Disney that is bad it is Comcast. If Comcast truly wants to be the Gateway for content then it needs to step up and add the Disney Plus Gateway just as it has for Netflix and Amazon Prime. Otherwise people may figure out Comcast really has nothing to offer post cable subscription especially after the 5G rollout across telecom as the last mile will finally be solved for telecom.
xDementiAx says:
Actually unjust installed disney+ app on my 300.00 Samsung smart tv so it’s there to use and yes it works just wish I could use it through comcast on myblivong room tv.
Emily says:
I have xfinity and a smart TV and can’t watch Disney+ on it. Horrible. Why pay for something if I have to watch it on my phone? I want to watch it on my TV. I’m not going to buy more stuff just to watch Disney content. Very disappointing.
Michael farelli says:
Disney should be ashamed of themselves not offering it through Comcast or xfinity I believes love like this will kill the app just like the wwe app this is why Netflix will dominate until Disney offers it on Comcast
Kim Kiskis says:
Not cool. Why would they promote something that so many people would want, including a huge Disney fan like myself, and then not make it compatible for ALL devices??? Dumb. I pre-ordered and was so excited and now I am extremely irritated and disappointed.
Natalie S. Alfonso says:
Yup mission impossible for my watch party that never happened. Being that you have Disney in Florida, your research would have told you that the majority of the people in Miami have COMCAST…… Not like we have a choice in the area where you live in. I refuse to get another subscription that I don’t need in order to watch this.
Todd says:
Firestick if you subscribe to Prime (you know you do) or a Chromecast should work nicely. I understand an app would be better but you’ll be fine.
Tom says:
This is bad Disney. I can’t get Disney+ on any tv or through Comcast.
PAMELA Johnson says:
I have a 2 year old smart tv and XFINITY plus. Just signed up on Disney + and now discovered can’t get on my tv. Not happy
Ronda Collums says:
Nicole E says:
Maybe watch for deals for a fire stick on Amazon? I know it would be best if it was available through xfinity (I have Comcast too), but it would at least allow you to watch what you’ve paid for. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner.
Mary says:
I agree same here
Lee Sheppleman says:
I agree, bad Disney. Have people sign up and then we find out we have no access. Bad form Disney!
bob says:
can i order disney+ on my xfinity lineup
Shawn says:
They actually were open with this they at launch they would not be available on the mentioned ways above. Do research before making an investment rather than blame to company for bad decision making on your part because you couldn’t take a moment to research compatibility.
David Simmonds says:
This SUX! I purchased an $1100.00 Samsung Smart TV last Year, and I have XFinity premium. I ordered Disney Plus before I Knew I wouldn’t be able to view it. Now I can’t figure out how to either watch it or cancel it. BAD DISNEY, BAD BAD DISNEY !!!!!!
Joe Rider says:
If you have a way to watch Hulu, you will be able to watch Disney+ through Hulu. Nobody can install the apps at all right now.
Steve says:
It wasn’t the easier to find, but I was able to locate and install the app on my LG TV and you should be able to do the same for your Samsung Smart TV (
sandy says:
Could you tell me how to watch it through hulu?

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