Does Instagram Have a Word Limit on Posts?

If you’re promoting a business using Instagram and have a lot to say, is there a limit on how much you can say at once? Does Instagram have a word limit? Is there an ideal length for Instagram posting? This article aims to answer those questions and more.

Does Instagram Have a Word Limit on Posts?

Social media is a complicated subject that even some of the best sociologists in the world are still having trouble getting to grips with. Using it for personal reasons is difficult enough to learn the various rules and customs of each network. Using it for business marketing is an entirely different ballgame.

Knowing the basics in advance will help you not look dumb and help you come out of the gate looking more professional than many other companies who play with social media marketing. So let’s answer those questions.

Does Instagram have a word limit?

Does Instagram have a word limit? No it does not. It has a character limit instead. There is a limit of 2,200 characters per Instagram post. This gives you around 300-400 words. That doesn’t mean you should use all of them though.

With many aspects of social media, attention spans are short. Shorter messages are always better and while you can use up to 2,200 characters per Instagram post, doesn’t mean you should. Shorter, punchier messages will have much more impact. You also have to include hashtags in that limit too so be mindful to format your post correctly for the network you’re using.

Is there a limit on how much you can say at once on Instagram?

Aside from the character limit there are also other limitations of using the network. There is a hard limit of 30 hashtags, 20 people tags, 350 likes per hour, one hyperlink limit per bio, 150 characters per bio, 125 characters for the caption, 10 mentions and 10 images per post.

Again, less is more on social media but make sure to balance value with brevity. You need to offer enough of your brand and value in each post to offer something to the reader. But you need to do is in a way that avoids all longform posts or tons of text to avoid boring the reader. It’s a balance that takes a little practice and more than a little competitor analysis.

Is there an ideal length for Instagram posting?

Instagram is a visual platform more than a textual one and that should never be forgotten. If you want to write, use a blog or LinkedIn. Instagram is for images that may contain supporting text, not the other way round. According to Hootsuite, the ideal post length for an Instagram post is between 125 and 150 characters and around 9 hashtags.

That’s not a lot of space to convey a message. It is a sensible limit though if you consider how we use Instagram. We scroll quickly, scan captions and rarely will we spend too long on a single caption to read all 2,200 characters. If you have never learned to write headlines before, now might be a good time to do it!

Can Instagram Stories help my business?

Instagram Stories work slightly differently to normal posts. They last 24 hours and sit beside normal Instagram posts. They work much like Snapchat in that they offer a temporary way to reach out with the types of posts that wouldn’t normally fit within your brand on Instagram.

Instagram Stories are great ways to post special offers, behind the scenes stories, less formal narratives, new product teasers and that kind of content. It is still image driven, still requires thought and planning but can offer something different alongside your ‘normal’ Instagram posts.

Generating images for Instagram

As Instagram is driven by images, you need a steady supply of good quality ones to help increase engagement. One way to do that is to invite your followers to give you theirs. MAC cosmetics has this down to a fine art. They invite their followers to post their own images of customers using the product. This gained the company many new followers and thousands of images they could use on their Instagram feed.

This strategy also increases engagement. As you can imagine, lots of people who wear makeup would love their image to be featured on a world famous makeup company’s feed. While you may not have the profile of MAC, you can use the same strategy to help promote your products while getting lots of images for your feed. Offer your followers a tag or follow in return for the image and you should begin seeing them appear quite quickly.

Using Instagram to market your business is part art and part science. While it may have character limitations, it is wise to only push those occasionally and keep it short and sweet. Users’ attention spans are short, the best Instagram marketers work with that. You should too.

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