EE’s new 4G “Home Router” comes with an eye-wateringly expensive 200GB data plan

EE has revealed what it calls its newest home router but is more accurately a Wi-Fi hotspot. For what it is, it looks pretty decent, allowing up to 32 devices to connect with speeds of up to 90Mbps.

EE’s new 4G

The company is billing it as an alternative to home broadband if your connection speed isn’t up to snuff – if you’re stuck in the sticks, for example. Although if you are stuck in the sticks, the chances are you won’t get the full 90mbps anyway.

“Our new 4GEE Home Router provides customers with a great alternative to fixed-line broadband using the UK’s fastest and most reliable mobile network,” said Max Taylor, managing director of marketing at EE. “It’s simple to set up and use straight out of the box, so it’s ideal for customers with slower fixed line speed or people who regularly move house and need instant Wi-Fi connectivity.”ees_new_home_router_is_really_pricey_-_1

Conspicuous by its absence in that statement, you’ll note, is value: and for good reason.

The prices are aimed at those who just want to use the internet for email and a little light browsing (£25 per month for 10GB) up to people who actually like to use the internet. So while you can get a 200GB data plan to ensure you’ll have enough to enjoy Netflix and large downloads, you’ll be paying a whopping £100 per month for the privilege. Should you go over this data allowance, you’re looking at £10 for an extra 5GB.

In other words, most people should still view 4G home internet as a last resort – unless you find yourself in some kind of Brewster’s Millions scenario. Otherwise, this is just another mobile contract under a different name.

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