Nissan’s Energy Solar to start selling solar panels and home batteries in the UK

Nissan is to sell solar panels and domestic storage batteries to UK homeowners following the launch of a new company, Energy Solar.

Priced from £3,881 for a six-panel setup, the Nissan Energy Solar system will capture energy from the sun’s rays via solar panels, storing surplus electricity in optional ‘xStorageHome’ batteries for later use. These allow stored solar energy to be used during the night, or on overcast days when less electricity would be generated by the panels. The batteries can also provide “seamless” backup during power cuts.

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Nissan says homeowners could save up to 66% on their energy bills by using the service, which is offered in a variety of guises. A basic six-panel setup will set you back £3,881, inclusive of VAT and fitting, while adding the xStorageHome battery pack brings the price up to £7,635. The batteries alone will retail for £6,446, and the various products will be on sale “soon”.

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Nissan provides a 25-year warranty on the batteries, a 10-year guarantee for xStorage systems with new batteries, and a five-year warranty on xStorage systems with reconditioned batteries.

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 Those wanting to fully-embrace Nissan’s electric experience can, of course, also buy a 

Nissan Leaf, using electricity harnessed from the sun to power both their home and their car.

Launching the new venture, Francisco Carranza, managing director of Nissan Energy, Europe, said: “Over 880,000 UK homes already have solar panels installed and they are seeing the benefits every day, from decreasing electricity bills to increasing property values.”

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