Climate Change: April’s global temperatures have smashed records

I’ve sat staring at this blank page for a good ten minutes now. I’m seriously running out of ways to report the story that “NASA data has revealed last month to be the hottest on record.” I could quite safely copy and paste the last couple, and change the figures, but this is important stuff, so here we go.

In short, we’ve done it again. April, according to NASA data, was the hottest April on record, and the seventh consecutive month where the planet’s temperature has broken records. If you want the even worse news, it marks the third consecutive month where temperatures have been broken by the largest margin ever.

The figures revealed that land and sea temperatures were 1.11˚C warmer for April than the average for the month over the period of 1951-1980. It’s hard to see any way that 2016 will not be the hottest year ever, and by some distance.

If you’re not concerned yet, here’s what the current trend looks like in graph form:

And here’s climate scientist Ed Hawkins’ graph showing the temperatures literally spiralling out of control since 1850:

Remember the Paris Climate talks last November? Leaders agreed to limit global warming to 2˚C, and aim to keep it below 1.5˚C. To put it mildly, the latter aim looks a touch optimistic. If the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration confirm the trends when they report their findings with different baselines, we’re now looking at a 99% certainty that 2016 will be the hottest year since records began:

Some of the temperature rise can be attributed to the recent El Niño which has warmed the Pacific considerably, but it can’t account for the overall trend.

I’ll see you back here in a month for some great news about May’s temperatures.

Not “great”, I meant that other one: terrifying.

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Image: Liam Maloney, used under Creative Commons

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