How To Execute & Finish in Apex Legends

Finishers in a PvP game like Apex Legends offer a chance to rub the player’s face in their loss and to end their game life with a final flourish. They are a key part of many computer games and something we all like to use every now and again. Apex Legends is no different and has a unique finisher for each character. This tutorial will show you how to execute players in Apex Legends using those finishers.

How To Execute & Finish in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is an exceptional game produced by an exceptional studio. If there was one criticism we could offer, it is that the tutorial is brief to say the least. It covers the very basics of gameplay and misses many elements altogether. One of which is finishing moves.

Each player in Apex Legends has a unique move to execute players in the game and it’s as much fun to see what each is as it is to finish another player.

Finishing in Apex Legends

An upside to killing a player in Apex Legends is that it is another real person. We could kill NPCs all day long and it wouldn’t even come close to the satisfaction of taking out another player. Especially knowing that it is a real person and they are likely swearing loudly right now. If you can end their match with a flourish to make that sting a little more, why wouldn’t you?

When you have downed an enemy, close up to them and you should see a prompt on the screen to finish them. The control is the square button on PS4, X button on Xbox One, and E key on PC. Hit the corresponding key and your character will use their selected finishing move to execute the enemy.

As I see it, there are two main uses for finishers. That ‘Yes!’ moment you get when ending another player’s match and for circumventing those Knockdown Shields everyone seems to play with. You can skip around the side of the shields, but sometimes using a finisher is easiest.

There is a specific item that works well with finishers. Called the Legendary Gold Body Shield, it’s a unique and very rare gold item you can loot. If you perform an execution, it will automatically refill all your shields instantly. If you find this item, it is well worth executing a player or two during a match.

Use finishers carefully

One thing you should be aware of when considering execution is that it leaves your own character temporarily exposed. You have no defenses while you’re executing and can easily be taken out by other players. I have lost a match several times like this. Even when you look to see who else is around, think it’s safe and initiate the finisher, it seems someone comes out of a building or from behind a rock and shoots.

That makes execution risky but also even more rewarding!

The execution move is slow and deliberate and throughout all that time, you are vulnerable to fire. Once you begin the finisher, you’re a passenger until the animation is complete or you are interrupted by taking fire.

Unlocking finishing moves in Apex Legends

Most characters in Apex Legends have two unlockable finishing moves to choose from. They have the default and then two you can access along the way.

  1. Open Apex Legends and select Legends.
  2. Select Finishers and highlight each one to see the animation.
  3. Select an unlocked finisher to use it in game.

From the current list, each character has their basic First Finisher and then two unlockable finishers. With the exception of Bangalore and Caustic who only have a single unlockable finisher right now. I expect more finishers will be coming in future updates.


  • Clean Kill
  • With Honor


  • Warcry
  • Force of Gravity


  • Ajay’s Lullaby
  • O.C.’s Shock


  • Hi-5
  • Iron Haymaker


  • Existential Crisis
  • Into the Light


  • Reversal of Fortune


  • Last Breath
  • Strike Three


  • Pound It, Bro

Finishers can be unlocked with loot boxes as you play or if you’re in a hurry, can be bought for 1,200 Crafting Materials each. That’s quite expensive for what is a move that you will unlikely use all that often!

Executions in PvP games are a uniquely satisfying experience. You may already have the satisfaction of killing another player but you can add to that in a very showy way with a finisher. It’s like the cherry on the cake of gaming. You get to pound the enemy a little further into the sand and show off while you do it. What’s not to love?

Do you use finishers in Apex Legends? Prefer to just shoot and scoot? Have a favorite finishing move? Tell us about it below if you do!

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