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There’s a cloud service for just about everything nowadays, and that includes remote office surveillance. Jabbakam’s Starter Kit impressed us with its ease of use, and now we’re putting EyeSpy247 through its paces.

This service differs from Jabbakam as it supports only the provider’s cameras, which can also be used in standalone mode. The subscription fee for remote storage is also yearly rather than monthly.

The HDSD camera costs more than the Jabbakam alternative, but it offers more features, including 720p resolution, H.264 encoding, 802.11n wireless and an SD card slot. For night operations, it has eight infrared emitters and also manages to squeeze in an internal mic and speaker for two-way audio.

The bundled software finds the camera for you, and provides access to its web interface. From the EyeSpy247 web portal, you create a new account, adding a username and password in the camera’s web interface to register.

EyeSpy247 HDSD

A router port-forwarding rule needs to be created for remote access, but plenty of help is provided. Usefully, EyeSpy247 is giving away a one-year subscription with its cameras, which provides 512MB of online storage for video recordings. Further 512MB chunks of storage cost an extra £25 per year.

During registration, motion detection is set up and linked to the account email to enable alerts to be received. Unlimited emails are included in the fee, but SMS alerts cost 12p each.

Image quality at the highest resolution is fine for office surveillance, with clean focus and good colour balance. The 20x digital zoom is of limited value as quality breaks up badly. However, whereas Jabbakam’s portal live view is only a series of JPEG snapshots, EyeSpy247 offers full video-streaming, and can also take recordings at scheduled times. All motion detection videos are shown as thumbnails in the portal, you can search through them by date and auto-delete older recordings to avoid running out of space.

The EyeSpy247 hosted service isn’t as cheap as Jabbakam’s, but it offers many more features. There’s greater storage, better surveillance features and, although the HDSD camera is pricey, it offers decent overall image quality.


Sensor type 1/4in RGB CMOS
Video frame rate 30fps
Wired adapter speed 100Mbits/sec
WiFi standard 802.11n
Power over Ethernet no
Compression scheme MJPEG, MPEG4, H.264
Motion detection yes

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