Facebook VR apps will make more of Oculus software

Facebook has finally started to reveal how it will make use of the tech it acquired when it bought Oculus Rift last year.

Facebook VR apps will make more of Oculus software

According to Facebook’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, everyone from the man on the street to Beyoncé will be creating and sharing VR content on the social network.

Facebook VR Apps made for Oculus and more

Speaking at re/code‘s Code/Media conference, Cox said: “Virtual reality is pretty cool [and] we’re working on apps for VR.”

Cox said that, while you can share a lot of content through Facebook now, whether through a status update, photo or video, these are only “bits of [an] experience”. With VR , he claimed, you could be sending a “fuller picture”.

“You realise, when you’re in it, that you’re looking at the future, and it’s going to be awesome,” Cox added.

However, beyond saying it’s going to be awesome and everyone will be doing it, Cox gave few details as to when users will be able to create and share 3D content, or indeed how, given the amount of equipment needed.

So, in lieu of hard details, here are four things we think Facebook VR could offer:

A new poke experience

First, you were able to tap your friend on the shoulder to let them know you were there. Then, you could give them a virtual “poke” on Facebook if they weren’t in your immediate vicinity, and even enter into a poke war.

With Facebook VR apps, now you’ll be able to give them a poke in full stereoscopic vision. The only disadvantage is you may be forced to poke them in the eye, as all VR currently requires a headset. Ouch.

Kittens IRL

Well, we say “IRL”, IvRL is closer. Kittens are ubiquitous on the web, and Facebook is no different. Now, you can experience your friend’s cute kitties, and those of complete strangers, as if they were right there in front of you. To complete the experience, get some fluffy material to stroke, so it feels like you’re really reaching out and touching them.

Bungee jumping, white-water rafting and other adventure sports

Why bother with the danger of rock climbing, potholing or cave diving, when you can let other people do it and then live vicariously through their experiences? Just make sure you have a bucket on hand to deal with any motion sickness you may (will) experience, and try not to pick a video that ends badly.

Food so good you can virtually taste it

Food pics are definitely a thing on Facebook, so why not experience the lovely meals your friends have cooked and restaurants they have visited by staring at them in glorious 3D? Just try not to salivate into your keyboard or anything.

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