Facebook launches Live streaming to rival Periscope… but it’s only for celebs

The fight to become the dominant live streaming service has another entrant. Everyone’s having a go. Initially it was a good old-fashioned slug out between Periscope and Meerkat. Then David Beckham (yes, that David Beckham) got involved with his live streaming app MyEye. Now, Facebook Live is joining in too.

Live is, as the name suggests, Facebook’s play at live video. What’s different about this service is that it’s not aimed at everyone. Instead, it’s available only to verified public figures via the Facebook Mentions app.

In a bid to raise awareness of the new feature, Facebook has announced that Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Serena Williams and Michael Bublé will be debuting the new service today. Odd mix.

When will Facebook Live roll out to the public?

Never. Hopefully. The social network is already woefully misused by the majority of its one billion users. It’s changed from a cool Myspace rival full of pictures of drunken nights out you’d never want your boss/parents to see, to a place that is overflowing with pictures of ugly babies and donation pleas for 5k charity runs. Opening up live streaming to everyone is a terrible idea.

Not just because it will be abused for honest, albeit dull reasons, but also for the other side of the coin. Live streaming is a feature that can be abused for dishonest reasons just as easily. How? Piracy, cyberbullying, ISIS and porn to name but a few. Better to let egotistical celebrities enforce a bit of self rule for the time being.

Note: I contacted Facebook to see when and if the service would be coming to made available to peasants the wider public, but no response has come back yet.

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