Facebook scored record profits in 2015

Remember the days when Facebook had a huge userbase, but no revenue to show for it? Boy, does that feel like a lifetime ago. The company has just revealed its earnings for 2015 and, unsurprisingly, they’re the strongest yet.

Facebook scored record profits in 2015

That was led by particularly strong growth in the last quarter, where profits more than doubled, hitting the £1.09bn mark. Over the full year, revenue rose 44% to $17.9bn, with net profit hitting $3.7bn.

That’s not just better monetisation, either: the number of users is also up, with 1.04bn people logging in to Facebook every day, up a whopping 17% from 2014. Impressively, 934 million people use it every day on mobile, which is up 25%.

“Okay, enough with the figures,” I hear you cry – though I may be paraphrasing – “what does that look like in graph form?” I’m glad you asked:

Wowser. Chief executive and founder Mark Zuckerberg said 2015 was a “great year for Facebook. Our community continued to grow and our business is thriving.”

That’s putting it mildly.

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Image: Maurizio Pesce, used under Creative Commons

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