How to Hard Factory Reset Ring Video Doorbell 2

As one of the most advanced doorbell devices, Ring Video Doorbell is an upgraded version of the video intercom. It allows you to access the live video feed of your front porch on your phone, while giving you the option to communicate with your visitors, wherever you may be at any given moment – including situations when you’re outside of your home.

How to Hard Factory Reset Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2 is an upgraded version of Ring Video Doorbell. Although it comes with a list of cool upgrades and benefits, you should still know how to perform a hard reset on it.

Why Would It Need a Hard Reset?

Ring’s devices tend to be very sturdy and of great quality. They don’t break down easily, are water-resistant, and can take quite a punch, even in extreme temperatures. However, errors do occur on every device out there and sometimes, you may need to perform a hard factory reset in order to get it working normally again. Of course, Ring Video Doorbell 2 doesn’t offer too many personalized settings. Therefore, returning it to its original settings should come easy.

Another reason for knowing how to do a hard reset is that it’s a way out of connectivity issues. If your Ring Video Doorbell 2 can’t connect to your smartphone or to your Wi-Fi, a hard factory reset will address the issue.

ring video doorbell 2

Factory Reset

Before using the device itself to perform a hard reset, you should always go with the factory reset option, accessible through the Ring app on your smartphone. To perform the factory reset, open the Ring app and tap on the Ring Doorbell 2 from the list of available devices. Now, navigate to the top-right corner of the screen and tap the settings icon. You’ll see the Remove Device option. Tap it, and select Delete on the screen that pops up.

This will make your Ring Doorbell 2 disappear from the app. Simply set the Doorbell up again, as you did the first time when installing the device. Do this for all Ring devices that may be experiencing connectivity or any other issues.

Hard Reset

In the case of being unable to gain access to your Ring app, try uninstalling it and downloading and installing it again. If the problem persists, it’s time to consider performing a hard reset on your device. To do so, remove the safety screws, using the provided screwdriver, detach it from the wall plate and look for an orange button. Typically, you’ll find this button at the backside of the device.

Now, press the orange button and hold it for fifteen seconds (or more). After fifteen to thirty seconds, release the orange button. You’ll most likely see the device’s front light flash a couple of times. This means that the Ring Doorbell is being automatically reset. Wait for at least five minutes for the device to automatically complete the factory reset process. Press the orange button once and the device will enter the setup mode.

Removing the Ring Video Doorbell 2

In order to perform a hard reset, you’re most likely going to need to remove the device from the wall. To do so, you don’t have to unscrew and take out the entire backplate. However, the security screws are there for a reason, so you’re going to have to remove them. This is done using the star-shaped screwdriver that you received with the Ring Video Doorbell 2 package.

If you happened to have lost it, don’t try using other tools or methods to remove the star-shaped screws. The whole idea is that the provided screwdriver be the only tool that can remove the safety screws.

Simply use counterclockwise motions to remove the screws. Now, place your thumbs at the bottom of the device, while using the tips of your middle and index fingers to make sure that the device doesn’t fall down. Start applying the upwards pressure with your thumbs until you hear a snap. Now, remove one hand while the other one is still holding the device and pull the device towards yourself.

hard factory reset ring video doorbell 2

To return the device, use a similar method, but make sure that you place it at a 45-degree angle before sliding it back in.

Performing the Hard Factory Reset

Sometimes, an error or a glitch may occur that requires a hard factory reset for your Ring Video Doorbell 2. Don’t worry, this is a relatively simple procedure, whether you do it using the app or have to detach the device and find the orange button.

Have you ever had to perform a hard factory reset on the Ring Video Doorbell 2? How did you do it? Did this tutorial help you? Feel free to hit the comments section below with your thoughts on the subject.

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