Day 7

Sunday, and time for a personal project. I’ve had some video clips from a 2006 holiday that I’ve been meaning to use for ages, and there’s an online image-editing service, Jumpcut, that I’ve been itching to try. I’ll admit to a little preparation here: I’d imported the 60-minute tape into Windows Movie Maker and saved a few clips as individual projects, which I now upload to Jumpcut.

Here’s the first problem: uploading video of any quality is a painfully slow business, and working with it also takes patience, as Jumpcut often needs to stop for a quick think. On the plus side, the drag-and-drop thumbnail interface makes it easy to put shots in order – you simply drag sliders and arrows around to trim each clip, and applying titles, effects and transitions is straightforward.

Within ten minutes, I have a quick mock-up ready to go, and I export it. The only problem is that it hasn’t exported properly, and when I click on play it will only run halfway through the movie. I might be tempted to take a look, but my free time is running short. I can see that the community features of Jumpcut are a lot of fun, but to be honest I’d rather use Pinnacle Studio or even Windows Movie Maker to put my masterworks together. What did I learn?

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