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A post on the PlusNet blog highlights just how crippled certain types of traffic are on PlusNet’s Unlimited accounts. Peer-to-peer traffic is granted a maximum of only 128Kbits/sec during peak evening hours, while download sites are given only 256Kbits/sec. PlusNet should be applauded for such transparency, but if you’re a heavy downloader you might want to look elsewhere, or at the very least complete downloads overnight when the restrictions are lifted.

Like BT, PlusNet also charges people who exceed their data cap, at a rate of £2 per 2GB. However, it does offer an online data download checker.


Unlike its BT brethren, Madasafish doesn’t offer unlimited downloads on any of its three packages. The base package, which is confusingly titled “Max”, offers 5GB of downloads a month, Max Plus offers 20GB, while the top-of-the-range Max Premier offers 50GB. Stepping over the caps isn’t a smart idea: Madasafish has the most punitive excess data rates of any ISP we’ve come across, charged at £1.96 per gigabtye. “The maximum amount that you could be billed in any one month is £99.99 for usage, plus your monthly subscription fee,” Madasafish states on its website, which must come as a great comfort to its customers. It does at least provide an online data checker.

Madasafish uses the same traffic-management system as PlusNet, although it applies an identical policy across the board. Gaming and VoIP traffic are given top priority, while all the rest are lumped together in the queue.

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